Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Small Glimmer Of Hope For Stockton & Stewart Schools

From the Sun-Times:
For now, Chicago Public Schools has legally left the door open to the possibility of halting 10 of its 50 historic school closings.

Until a new judge can be assigned to a lawsuit filed by the Chicago Teachers Union and parents from 10 elementary schools, CPS attorneys agreed the district wouldn’t take any permanent actions at the schools in question. 

The CTU filed suit a week after the historic May 22 board vote asking for a Cook County judge to halt the closure of [...]Stewart Elementary, Stockton Elementary [...], approved for closing this month. The CTU and families involved say that the board never should have voted to shutter these particular schools because CPS-hired hearing officers decided against the closings in most of the cases and had safety and special education concerns about the others.
We don't hold out much hope that Stewart will stay open, or that Stockton won't consolidate with Courtenay, but at least on paper, they have a better chance than 40 other schools that are scheduled to close. Stay tuned.

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  1. I am really sad about this school. I graduated from elementary school and went there most of my life. This makes me sad a lot.