Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alpha Is Now Omega

Thanks to a reader for sending in this photo with the note that "This business closed and moved out last week."

As we noted in 2010, Alpha Electronics was one of the first businesses to move out of the Wilson-Broadway Mall across the street.  It relocated across the street to 4651 Broadway, the site of the former Hana to Yoko flower shop.

Another empty storefront on a block that has enough already.

UU Note: Next time you pass by this building, take a look at the beautiful facade that has been hidden under the blue siding for years. Parts of the terracotta and red brick are now visible along the northernmost portion of the building (see at top left corner of photo above) and also along the very top. A historic rehab of this building would be AMAZING.


  1. That whole stretch is in need of way more TLC. Come on people, powerwashers have been around for years, CLEAN UP YOUR PROPERTIES!!

  2. TIF's are a sore subject, but if ever a TIF were needed - it would be for this blighted block. It is a detriment to the central part of Uptown.