Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CTA Sponsors Wilson L Rehab Meeting

From Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter:

CTA Public Meeting About Wilson L Station.  At the request of Ald. Cappleman, CTA will be holding a public meeting to update the community about the Wilson L rehab.

For a view of some of the plans, click here.

Because federal monies are involved, this meeting is required to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties.

When: Wednesday, June 26 at 6pm
Where: Weiss Memorial Hospital at 4646 N. Marine Drive


  1. June 26 is indeed Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who reminded us :)

  2. Any news on when construction will start?

  3. Apparently the owners of the Barry Building, Uptown Recording Studios, and the Chicago Buddhist Temple have been trying to use historic preservation law to keep CTA from putting a track support column in front of the Barry Building (the plan has been to get rid of the old columns in the sidewalks and in the middle of Broadway). It looks like those property owners have kept the whole project from going forward for bids and construction. Attorneys are involved, so you know that it's all tied up in knots now. Go to the CTA website and look for the Wilson Station project page, and pull up the Section 106 consultation reports. It will probably be a while longer before the environmental assessment and public hearing happens, which means that the projected start date slips again--well into 2014. I wouldn't be surprised if the attorneys try to co-opt the environmental process to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing...and thousands of us wait while our tax dollars sit there doing nothing instead of providing the neighborhood with a decent and accessible Wilson Station. And because CTA is working within a finite budget, every change made to accommodate these three properties is money taken away from the station.

  4. Bear60640, everyone has their particular concerns with the project, and for someone who was extremely passionate about the placement of the southernmost exit, you sure are cavalier when it comes to someone else's interests.

    You are wrong about the bids not going out.

    This thing will be around longer than any of us will be alive, so why not take a couple months longer to make it right for as many people as possible? BTW, it's not only those businesses who are selfishly holding things up, as you imply. The column placements are also an issue with historic preservation groups and business groups. In fact, the only people at a recent meeting who were in favor of the CTA's current plan for the placement of the columns were ... the CTA.

    You're getting the exit you wanted. Why not give your neighbors the chance for the changes they want to see in the plan as well?

  5. Bear, you make me laugh and roll my eyes. YOU have been the biggest complainer on this whole subject. The entire project has been, in your mind, about you. Put in an exit at Montrose, put in paths under the El to Target, do this , do that. .. but when someone else in Uptown has an issue, you bitch and complain. Quit being such a damn prima donna that does nothing but complain, sucks the life out of anything positive, and worries only about your own selfish needs.... seriously.