Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Did The 7/11 Cross The Road?

A reader asked today, "Has there been information published about development on the site of the former KFC @ Bway & Buena? It appears that construction fencing was installed yesterday and didn't see anything on UU, but was wondering if this is this the same 8-unit development that was shelved a few years ago."

It's been rumored, on and off, that the 7/11 store across the street wants to move in to the former KFC site, and today it was confirmed that it is indeed happening.  They hope to have the new store move-in ready sometime around September.  While construction is going on, they'll stay open at the current location.

This place has been empty since at least 2007, maybe longer.  At one point, pre-bubble burst, the property was listed for $1,999,500.  By March 2012, it was listed for $820,000.  We don't know what it went for in 2013, but it's good to see a long-time community eyesore get some life once again.

Update:  Forgot to answer our own question in the headline.  We thought the space on the southwest corner of Buena and Broadway (the future 7/11) was attractive to 7/11 because of the parking lot, and that may very well be true.  But a savvy reader told us a couple months ago that the current store is located in a dry precinct (southeast corner), and the new location, while just across the street, is not.  Of course, we don't know if that's why 7/11 chose to move.  Can't blame them if they request a package liquor license after the move, since every other 7/11 in the area has one.


  1. Tangentially related: I've seen a group of people cleaning out the former cleaners at Belle Plaine and Broadway. Not sure if that restaurant is still going to happen or if they're just cleaning it up to better sell it

  2. Belle Plaine & Broadway cleaning is for Buena Park Arts Expo opening in June: Great idea to partner with owner of vacant location for neighborhood benefit.

    Documents on file at Recorder of Deeds 5/21/2013 for 7/11 & Lakeside Bank show mortgage amount of $1,251,739.00. Too bad it's staying single-story, car-oriented structure dependent on a chain. Would have been excellent location to encourage building up to its B3-3 zoning for multistory, mixed-use building to optimize the excellent transit links, walkability, & national historic register districting.

  3. Tekst, I agree with you to a point.

    We can say what the highest, best use for a property should be, but the fact is that the KFC failed there, then several proposed developments never got off the ground, and the place stayed empty for seven or eight years, basically just being a dump.

    For this property, at this time, a 7/11 may be the best and highest use. Not every property, no matter what its zoning is, has the potential to be a star.

  4. kfc didnt fail. they sold for a huge profit to a developer who paid a premium for the land.