Friday, May 3, 2013

Not A Good Sign

We've noticed that Chester's Chicken on Broadway has been dark for the past few weeks, so it's not a surprise to see this sign in the front window.  Thanks to a reader for sending it in.

Update:  A commenter says that, according to an email received from Groupon, Chester's is gone for good.  Really a shame, since it just opened last December.


  1. According to an email I received from Groupon a few weeks ago, Chester's is gone for good.

  2. That was quick. I went in there one time and they were out of chicken.

  3. Went in there a couple times and it seemed like they just couldn't get it together. All of the other customers in there were very disgruntled and complaining each time I went. I don't have high expectations for places like these, but always left feeling like "Man, I just put myself through that for some food that's really bad for me?" Ugh. :-\

  4. I think the location there hidden by the EL didn't help.

    I was in there a bunch of times and the chicken varied from good to near great.

    That being said I never saw the place being overrun with customers. Generally there might be one or two people either ahead of or behind me waiting.

    Hopefully the hard working young guy who ran/owned? the place will find another opportunity.

    At least we have KFC back!