Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marking Territory?

A reader living near Sunnyside Mall writes in:
"Sunday night from my residence, I noticed a black male in a long sleeve (plaid?) shirt and dark jeans walk through the Sunnyside mall heading east from Beacon towards Malden.  At one point, he stopped, pulled out a white cloth from a bag, and threw it onto the ground next to a pine tree.  He then kept walking east.  I've seen white cloths laying around in this exact spot before.  Was this a signal for a drug buy?  I've seen people making secretive transactions in this area before in unrelated instances.  I called the cops who told me that if I see this again or if I see these white cloths laying around to call 911 immediately.  Pass this onto the readers that if they see these white cloths laying around to call the police."


  1. Maybe he blew his nose and got tired of carrying his hanky.

  2. What do we with the white shirts? Just leave them on the ground or throw them away? I find wigs, clothes, shoes etc strewn all over Uptown all the time when I walk the dog. Those are amongst the things I collect most after Dmitrov vodka bottles, Steel Reserve beer, Icehouse, Natural Ice and all the rest of the consumables that the local subsidized population always seems to have enough disposable income to buy.

    1. I always thought of young bangers lovingly measuring Clorox in the laundromat but I guess those shirts are very disposable.
      Just think, Chief Keef can endorse his favorite laundry detergent instead of more puerile concerns.....

  3. Specifically, it's a white baby burp cloth left there on purpose. Not a t-shirt.

  4. Ever wonder why there are less feedback posts on UU? Because rather than being polite, sensitive to others or just plain thankfull for others sharing their thoughts people just make fun of others or badger them. Too bad we all can't get along.