Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Former Uptown Slum Owner Runs Siblings Bar Into The Ground

Interior of "Mosa Building," now in receivership
Right as the owners of Lawrence House try to get a liquor license, there's another story about a former Uptown slumlord who got one:
WEST ROGERS PARK — As neighborhood dive Siblings poured its last drink early Tuesday, the building's owners worked on plans to sell the building.

Siblings had come under pressure from both Chicago's alderman, Evanston's nearby alderman and the cities' police forces after neighbors complained about violence, noise and other unseemly behavior emanating from the bar.

[...] Jettner added that the bar's tenant, Sunil Mosa, had been eight months behind on rent, to the tune of $30,000.  "I think he just left the place to go to hell," he said.
Sunil Mosa ..... Mosa ..... where have we heard that name before?

Why, yes, he's the former owner of the "Mosa Building," at 1014-1036 West Leland.  The one that was illegally converted to condos.  The one that had two disastrous floods, forcing out retail tenants and endangering pedestrians.  The one that was taken over by a receiver and took a year of rehab and construction to become viable again.  You can read more about this years-long nightmare here.

Stories like this why we are so strongly against the Menettis getting another chance at a liquor license.  There is no crystal ball into the future.  But when an owner/landlord lets a property get so bad that the city, the aldermen, and receivers get involved, it's bad news for everyone.  It's a lot of time and money spent to turn around a building (in a city that is broke to begin with).  Can anyone point to any success stories in any Menetti-owned properties?  Does Uptown need another Siblings or Green Dolphin Street, both of which closed due to neighborhood complaints and violence?  Can a slumlord ever change his spots?


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  2. Joey, this has nothing to do with Siblings bar or Sunil Mosa's former building in Uptown.

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  3. Wow. I hear there is a sale on tin foil hats at the dollar store. Get there quick before they're all sold out. Someone needs a new hobby.

  4. Getting a liquor license is a long process these days. If they get one something is seriously wrong with the system. We already have enough problems with 5AM liquor licenses.