Monday, May 6, 2013

46th Ward PB Voting Results

We just found out that the results of the 46th Ward's Participatory Budgeting vote were announced via Twitter by Ald. Cappleman on Saturday.  Sorry for dropping the ball on getting this out promptly.

This is what he tweeted:
  • First place for voting is Walkable 46: Repair and Refresh our crosswalks and count down timers.
  • Second Place is the SherMon Plaza at Broadway, Montrose, and Sheridan
  • Third Place is the Installation of Police Cameras in Sheridan Pk
  • Fourth Place is the Leland Greenway Plaza at $142,000
  • Fifth Place is the installation of Bike Lanes.
  • And finally, Sixth Place is the installation of left turn signals at Sheridan and Irving Park. Thanks to all who voted!


  1. I have to say that with all of the crumbling infrastructure in this ward (e.g. Wilson between Broadway and Clark is getting worse), there seems to be better ways to spend this money. Most of the options given seem to benefit small special interests. There was no option to vote against any of these projects. Planting a rose on a pile of manure still leaves you with a big pile of crap.

  2. Dave I think it's great you feel so passionate about our community. Did you submit an idea to be voted on regarding your issues and so forth?

  3. I'm amazed, surprised and appalled the "SherMon Plaza" option went through, let alone was #2. It seems to be backed by opinion and no research (ie "Intersection calms down", "road rage lowers" - traffic will still continue and likely worsen because no ancillary options to reroute traffic nor studies to support these opinion-based claims performed; I'd venture road rage will increase with one less route and the same amount of traffic.). And "refreshment shack...sculpture, fountain, or other identity-creating landmark could be added" outside of the Jewel parking lot with a history of problems...I'll eat my words when this becomes the family destination Mr. Tenner fantasizes it to be...I plan on going hungry.

    And don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for both this intersection to be cleaned up as well as the traffic on Sheridan to be decreased a bit.

    I am a bit curious how this will be done with the estimate of $79,000 (note: recently rehabbed Buttercup Park though didn't require street re-working, did need playground equipment, underwent a million dollar rehab for an existing park). I'm additionally perplexed by why one citizen went through the effort to develop a dedicated web page, call people to solicit their support and develop a powerpoint/YouTube presentation. Curious as well that all contact attempts to Mr. Tenner to cut the robo calls went unanswered, but a tweet to Alderman Cappleman was responded to letting me know he'd tell Gene to stop with those calls.

    Once more, I'm all for the development and advancement of safety interests in our neighborhood. Additionally, I'll willingly eat my words if proved wrong. But this particular proposal doesn't seem to make much sense, and definitely smells of something fishy.

  4. Dave and Alexander - you both nailed it. Couldn't have said it better.

  5. I'm interested in getting involved with this process in the proposal stage before it gets to voting... How does that work?

  6. Alexander, you seem to know a lot about urban planning, so I'm sure all of your statements are backed by expert research.

    If you had such strong opinions you should have voiced them at either any of the PB meetings as a community representative, or at the project expos. Much effort was put into the projects.

    The menu funds are explicitly to be spent on these "special interests" like pedestrian safety. There is "only" $1,000,000. We may have a lot of crumbling infrastructure, but you aren't going to fix it all with that sum of money.

    Dave, you have the option to vote "against" projects by not using all 6 votes. I did not use all 6 votes, so a vote "against" is not using all 6. You vote against something by not voting for it. That's how all election systems work.

    I strongly suggest that if you have criticisms about how money in your government is spent, that you take the opportunity to make yourself heard by coming to the meetings for this process that started in October, or making yourself a community representative, instead of reacting months later on the comment section of an internet website. Those who participated in the process surely know by now that the only way to effect change is to be a part of the process, and not a loud bystander.

  7. Furthermore, the SherMon plaza project is a study to get the project moving. Not everything is set in stone.

    Also, some "crumbling infrastructure" is indeed being fixed with the funds, including many sidewalks and parts of the roadway that are in disrepair, as a part of the Walkable 46 project. If you are unsure of the details of this project you should have attended a Project Expo or taken the time to view the information online beforehand.

    Laura - If the process happens again you can find more info at

  8. @ appolodon I don't really think that one should have to submit a proposal for maintaining streets and alleys, fixing collapsing sewers, repairing cracked/bulging sidewalks and the myriad other basic infrastructure issues; this is why we have an aldeman and streets and san. My point is: fix the basic infrastructue in the ward improve the basic services before going on to other pet projects. I also think that we should have been able to vote no on projects; the projects were put forth without any was to voice disapproval.

  9. Because of the relatively low allocated budget, I had assumed (I know, dangerous) that SherMon was basically a pilot/test-run with semi-permanent alterations until a conclusion can be made about its long-term viability. For that reason, I'm all about trying it. Plenty of room for improvement at that intersection, especially for pedestrians.

  10. Shaun, thank you, I actually do know a lot about urban planning with an engineering background and years of public an municipal experience. My statements were not in any way shape or form purported to be expert research. One doesn't have to be an expert anything or accompanied by empirical evidence to realize inherent flaws in something.

    And while I do believe in voicing one's opinions at appropriate times and making one's voice heard through voting, I am choosing to share my voice here with other community readers. I hope that's fine by you. It looks like at least one other person here, and a handful of others on UU following the "SherMon" write up, shared the same sentiment. So, assuming these are neighborhood individuals and registered voters, I do think it's appropriate.

    Furthermore, neither the ballot nor Mr. Tenner's site indicate that this is for money which shall be used towards a study in any way. I'm all for studies and think if anything, this one needs it the most. Nothing about his site says "study," either. It outlines three steps to project completion, and is supported by opinions as to why it should be done.

    And lastly, I did have some questions regarding the peculiar sense of support that particular project has. Like I posted earlier - I'm all for community support and passionate individuals, especially in our neighborhood - which needs that as we undergo great change. This one has just come across a little bit fishy.

  11. God God people. For the first time in the history of the 46th Ward, an Alderman is allowing the RESIDENTS to have a say in spending some of the discretionary funds given to ALL Alderman. So instead of sitting on a proverbial throne and dictating what will and wont happen, as has been done in the entire history of Uptown, the Alderman tries to let regular folks have a voice.. and YOU BITCH ABOUT THAT!

    It was the first time this was being done, I am sure moving forward there will be some tweaks but can you all just shut the hell up for a moment and reflect and appreciate the idea that there was a democratic process to this, however imperfect?

    It truly astounds me how short the memories are here on how dictatorial everything was when Shiller was in office and folks are stomping their feet when something did not go there way. You all need to step back, breath, appreciate that this is a good thing, although perhaps not yet perfected, and quit whining all the damn time..

  12. @uptownsuperhero. Democracy is not necessarily always a good thing. Slavery existed in the US under democracy until 1863 and was not ended until Lincoln did it with an executive order; slavery was not abolished by democratic means until the passage of the 14th amendment a few years later. My point is, the alderman is the one who should be looking out for the needs of the ward. The city needs to fix the basics before we can start catering to special interests and their pet projects.

  13. Alexander,

    Surely, as an engineer, you should know that reducing one crossing for vehicular traffic is not going to cause any sort of additional road rage than exists currently. Park or not, that intersection needs reconfiguration as it has caused several pedestrian/cyclist conflicts in the past.

    The logic behind these kinds of things is not always conventional, as I'm sure you know, i.e. getting rid of a small bit of roadway is not going to cause "mayhem" or increase road rage. People will adjust in the long run. As far as articulated buses... I'm sure they will find a way around it, if the proposal continues.

    Clearly the community supports this project.

  14. @ Uptown SuperHero- AMEN- I agree- just let the process happened before you all harpoon the ideas. I am sure there will be changes and some may not even happen. I am happy that we voted as a communuity- we never had the ablity to do before. Most of you always BITCH and harp on the negative- JESUS- is there any optimism?

  15. Superhero has a valid point.

    Some of you guys, or more specifically straight guys, would complain if you were locked in a hotel room with Scarlett Johansson and a truckload of expensive booze and viagra for a week.

    "I'm not happy. I wanted a better oceanside view". WAH.

    Now I don't know if the Monsher plaza change is a good idea. The traffic planning experts at the City will have a better idea. There's a good chance this plan will never come into being. Or it may. We just don't know. If it does perhaps it will work out well. Perhaps not. Even experts are often wrong. Witness the geniuses who thought the Iraq War was going to be a cakewalk.

    I do know that those of you who claim some expertise in this because of your occupational or educational background are full of Shiller.

    I know enough about traffic management, which means I know very little, to know how little I know. There's a science to it that isn't always intuitive. Travel in northern Europe if you don't believe me. They had traffic management devices which to my Spock-like mind couldn't work, yet they did.

    Even the bloody Irish had traffic devices which boggled my mind and yet worked.

    Perhaps in the future if the Capplemaniac wants to avoid these issues he should just ask the eternal question: WWIPD: What would IrishPirate do?

    Or as I like to say to make it easier for everyone: Whip It! Get it? WWIP-d.

  16. Since Dave decided to insert "slavery" into the discussion I intend to invoke "Godwins Law" and invoke Nazisism.

    There the discussion should end now.

  17. I'm amused that there had to be a long, complicated, obtuse, "participatory" process in order to advise the alderman how to spend...$1 million. How about if we tried doing the same thing for a project spending more than 100 times that amount of money? Or are we just supposed to have a say in spending pocket change, and big-ticket items get decided by the Star Chamber?

  18. Then Bear, start signing in with your real name, announce your candidacy for Alderman of the 46th Ward and deliver us from this evil thing called Democracy in the next election. Yup, that is what you should do...

  19. Meet the new boss.

    Same as the old boss.

    -The WHO

  20. bear, we have an alderman with a zoning committee where votes are taken and recorded. I don't know of any other alderman who does this.

    This same alderman is one of a few that allows residents to vote on the way menu funds should be spent. With Helen, we couldn't even get information about where the money was spent, much less have any choice about how it was spent.

    Your response to all that is that it's still not enough. Your whining is now venturing into the realm of pure silliness.

    BB, you don't deserve a response.

  21. Holy--what you're saying is that when a warehouse full of all sorts of food is available to feed a starving town, they shouldn't complain if they only get a half-cup of rice each day? Give me a break.

    And USH--I actually HAVE been asked to run for alderman before. I'm not, because I plan to retire in a few years to someplace closer to my family. But I still feel an obligation to do what I can to improve the quality of life for the people I live around NOW. I don't bitch for the sake of bitching--when I write, it's for a reason. If you want to know who I am, the Queen Consort can tell you.

  22. Bear, first of all, the residents in this ward are not starving for opportunities for input. Your analogy smells of a whiner.

    Secondly, did you ever meet with the alderman to ask about other ways constituents could have more say in the way the ward is run? Specifically, what did you ask for when you spoke with him? What did the alderman say in response?

  23. Just wondering, if I ride my bike North on Sheridan, am I supposed to be safer going around this weird triangle and having to make a left back onto Sheridan from Montrose? Or will I be encouraged to ride through the park where all the happy pedestrians will be hanging out next to the ugly Jewel parking lot? Will there be a left turn arrow at the new Montrose/Sheridan intersection?

  24. Boy, I sure am tired of all your proclamations, HoleyMoley.

    This neighborhood is STARVING for meaningful opportunities to have true input and overwhelmed with surface only garbage meetings that take up time and do nothing. There is the illusion of input, and that is all - quite frankly not much has changed from the previous administration. If you could please being such an apologist for the current administration, that would be great. Beginning to suspect you're on the payroll. Are you?

    Bear has a right to his statement, and I don't think they are whining at all.

  25. If you're so hateful of the former aldercreature to the point where you can't see the faults in the current one, then who is silly?

    How much of what the aldercreature controls in terms of $$'s is represented by the 1 million pb$? It's nothing. But everyone wants to get all worked up and excited because the new guy is letting this happen. Stop. Being. Lied. To. This is nothing but a token gesture to appease a crowd that is begging to appeased. And it doesn't take much to get them to look past the obvious shortcomings.

    You have got to stop worshiping this guy simply because he's not her. His faults and warts stick out just as much.

    For example: Aldercreature-Current made a big deal about his NO vote in his most recent eblast. Uhm, Sir, there is almost 99% yes to EVERYTHING VOTED ON, so your one measly no means nothing. Why don't you stand up to the mayor and vote no more often? That's right, just like the previous aldercreature there is no spine present. Just a part of a rubber stamp governing body that does what it is told.

    Oh but wait you say, he holds meetings? Yeah? Why did he shut down a meeting when dissent started to form? Seems like a trick learned from the previous aldrecreature.

    You're seeing what you want to see, not the whole picture.

  26. BB, I heard from one of the people on the zoning committee that it was the members of the committee who voted to have the meeting closed, not Cappleman. They did it because the people attending the meeting were disruptive. Wow, people were disruptive had to face the consequences of their behavior! How unfair!!!

    The good thing about Shiller was that she never threw anyone out of any public meeting. Of course, she never held public meetings but we don't like to mention that.

  27. It's good to know someone from the aldercreature's staff is here to feed us more of the propaganda, HM. Well done. From now on, I'll just not even read what you write because I'll know that it's just a sycophant protecting his master.

  28. BB, you make me sad... you and Bear are never happy and are undoubtedly sad that your patron saint of crap, Helen, lost. I do not agree on the alderman on everything, but I do appreciate his trying to be inclusive. As someone that marched against Helen at her office and had a BASEBALL BAT brandished to intimidate us, Capplemans's approach is infinitely better. I hope someday you both find peace in Oak Park or a nice room at JPUSA, pending the release of the expose on them...

  29. For the record, I did not live in uptown during the previous alder creature's reign. Don't know her, don't care. She's not in office now. I've stated this countless, countless times yet people still accuse me of being on her "side" because you know, that is what it is about in Uptown.

    Grow up. That's all I can say. It's pretty clear that my issue isn't with her, my issue is with how short sighted the electing public is in Uptown. You people elected the same exact person, only this one has a penis. That is my point. These tiny little crumbs you think mean everything are nothing - NOTHING. You will continue to elect the wrong people, and your neighborhood will continue to suck because you people don't know how to vote. It's a widespread problem in this entire city.

    PS: USH: your personal attacks are simply uncalled for. I'm not making anything personal with attacks towards you, I'd appreciate it if you would cease with the name calling and blanket statements that reflect nothing but your inability to have a conversation without name calling only so you can feel good.

  30. BB is just a troll. Never says anything positive, particularly insightful or amusing. He posts just to make a crack at Cappleman and spread his own brand of negativity through the world. It's what brings joy to his otherwise meaningless existence.

    Now Bear, while seldom happy, does on occasion make insightful comments and is on occasion amusing. Amusing goes a long way. Witness his "queen consort" crack earlier. Arguably inappropriate, but amusing. BB lacks the intelligence and the wit to type something like that.

    Now BB will claim not to have been a Shiller supporter. Bullshit. He was the jockstrap to the testicles of her evil machinations to keep Uptown downtrodden for generations.

    Bear was not in any way a Shiller supporter. I suspect his cracks at Cappleman have more to do with the potential placement of the secondary entrance for the Wilson EL stop than any other overriding issue.

    Now I happen to agree with the ursine one on the placement of the secondary entrance of the soon to be revamped Wilson EL, but I also focus on the general trend of where the neighborhood and ward are going. I don't agree with the Capplemaniac on every issue, and hopefully the knowledge of that will cause him heartburn and indigestion, but I do like how he's tackling the big and the small issues. He may be mocked for it by the pigeon, oh excuse me "rock dove" lovers, but the small issues matter.

    For those of you reading this who are dreaming of Cappleman losing the next election and are desperately trying to whip up a "dream candidate" from the cauldron of Uptown Past keep looking. There's no such things as a "sure thing" in politics, but the Capplemaniac will be very difficult to beat. I suspect that in February 2015 the jock straps of the losing candidate, that would be supporters, will be saying "if only".

    US Grant in his memoirs talks about the "if onlys" of the Civil War. If only Stonewall Jackson had lived. If only every Confederate bullet had hit a damn Yankee. If only the South had an aircraft carrier. If only Lincoln hadn't been a friggin genius. If only the slaves had not escaped en masse from Confederate lines and directly and indirectly donned the uniform of the damn yankees.

    In February 2015 the jockstraps of Uptown Past will be saying their "if onlys".

    "If only" we had raised $200,000 dollars. "If only" we had a candidate who could speak in complete sentences. "If only" all the yuppies moved and their condos were turned into subsidized housing and crack houses. "If only" the Irishpirate hadn't been outed as the "Sunnyside Samurai" and didn't rally an extra 3000 votes for Cappleman with his impressive knowledge of the Japanese language and Yakuza movies.

    "If only". I prefer not to focus on the "if onlys" of life, but the "why nots".

    "Why not" strive for a crime free neighborhood with decent retail and el stops where people feel safe to walk around. "Why not", why not?


    Bronco Billy, you're a troll. How's that for name calling?

  31. You know, if you want to talk about Participatory Budgeting, this is the place.

    If you want to hurl insults at each other, call your neighbors "you people," and play the oh-so-tired racism card, go somewhere else.

    Just deleted two comments consisting of nothing but insults and venom. Don't waste my time.

  32. Caring Neighbor,

    but what if it turns out that it's actually insults and venom, along with porn, that power the internet?

    Do you personally want to be responsible for allowing the entire fabric of the world wide web to be torn apart because of the lack of vitriol and hate?

    It only takes on domino to take down all the rest.

    Sun Tzu said that in "The Art of War".

    Actually, I just made that up, but you get the point.