Saturday, April 27, 2013

You Are Here

A reader sent in this photo and says:

"These look kind of cool. Saw tonight at Sheridan and Foster SW corner. Walking south I saw two more of them before getting to Argyle."

We also noticed a couple by the Lawrence Red Line stop.

Nice.  But a couple questions:  Who put them there?  And what are they: Cool area identifiers, bike racks, or a combination?

Mystery solved! Update from the Uptown United Facebook page:

"Installation of about 30 new 'Uptown Chicago' bike racks started today. Uptown SSA#34 sponsored these racks last fall. Now with spring here, CDOT bike team has started installation. Try them out this weekend!"


  1. We have arrived. This is great!

  2. They are indeed bike racks! We also received our's on Friday. These have been in the works since late last year but installation was delayed by the weather. We can thank everyone at Uptown United/Uptown Chamber of Commerce for their hard work in helping beautify Uptown. :-)