Friday, April 26, 2013

Vote On How The 46th Ward Spends A Million Dollars

We've been posting about Participatory Budgeting (residents vote on how to spend a million dollars of the 46th Ward's "menu money" designated for infrastructure) forever, and now it's time to vote.  Here are the choices from Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter:

"Voting now begins for spending $1 million of 46th Ward menu funds. These projects were formulated by many dedicated volunteers who attended many meetings to assist with the development of these proposals. To review these proposals, click here. To vote, you must show I.D. that you live in the 46th Ward and be at least 16 years of age. 
  • Early Voting.  You can vote early by filling out a ballot at the 46th Ward Office during office hours from Saturday, April 27 through Friday, May 3.
  • Voting Day.  Uplift High School,  900 W. Wilson Avenue, Saturday, May 4; 10AM - 2PM

1. Music of the People.  Location: Underpass at Lawrence Red Line.
The community in collaboration with a local artist creates a detachable mural on the north wall depicting Uptown as an entertainment destination.
2. Bike Corral Sculptures.  Location: Broadway and Lawrence, Buena and Broadway, and Sheridan and Broadway.
Functional public sculptures designed by local artists that provide bicycle parking.

3. Community Rain Garden. Location: Public Parkways in front of a religious institution
Installation of a public rain garden which will be maintained by a religious or not-for-profit institution. The rain garden will enhance sustainability, beautification, and storm water management in the 46th Ward.

4. Left Turn Signals.  Location: Sheridan and Irving Park Intersection.
The addition of two left turn signal lights at the Sheridan/Irving Park intersection for traffic turning east and west onto Irving Park, will help ease traffic congestion and aid in pedestrian safety.
5. Police Video Cameras.  Location: Sunnyside Mall Area.
Installation of two police video cameras to observe known high crime area “hot spots.” Cameras will help provide more eyes on the street and can be used as evidence when crimes occur.

6. Bike Lanes: Expand the citywide bike network to be safer when biking to the lake, store, or work!  Location: Multiple Locations.
This project contains the following types of bike lanes to help riders of all ages be safe. 
- New Bike Lanes: Leland, Broadway, Irving Park, Winthrop,and Kenmore.
- Refresh Bike Lanes: Clarendon and Wilson.
7. Leland Greenway: Safe travel and natural beauty on Leland, connecting Clark to the lakefront. Location: Leland from Clark to Clarendon.
A greenway on Leland with traffic calming, a shared bike lane, and beautiful planters with storm water control. This one mile section would be protected as a safe route to drive, bike, or walk.
8. SherMon Plaza: The redesign of Sheridan, Montrose, and Broadway to calm traffic and improve safety.  Location: Sheridan from Broadway to Montrose.
This project will paint, re-stripe and use bollards, planters, barriers, and fencing to close Sheridan from Broadway to Montrose, safely redirecting traffic for a new pedestrian space and future mini-park – SherMon Plaza.
9. Walkable 46: Repair and refresh!  Location: Multiple Locations.
Repair and refresh the 46th Ward with crosswalks, count-down timers, and traffic calming! Increase safety and walkability! Help make our streets safe and accessible for all!"

The 46th Ward's office hours are Saturday 9-noon; Monday & Tuesday, 9-5, Wednesday 9-7, Thursday 9-5 and Friday 9-noon. 


  1. Honestly the Shermon Plaza is more a matter of safety and lighting to me. Anyone trying to turn from westbound Montrose onto Southbound Sheridan/Broadway is entering into a no win situation. Currently oncoming traffic has a longer green and you just end up stuck in the intersection.

    I know there was a traffic study done as part of the original Maryville proposal so maybe the city could access that/speed things up?

    Chicago in general seems to have a problem with not having left turn lanes so I'm all for them.

  2. What can I use for proof of address? My license doesn't have a current address.

  3. Give the alderman's office a call after 9am and they'll be able to tell you. 773-878-4646

  4. Does the Shermon Plaza plan address the relocation of the residents who loiter at Sheridan/Montrose bus shelter?