Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vice Lord Shot At Windsor & Sheridan

The endless cycle of gang retaliation is in full swing in Uptown.  Tonight shortly after 5pm, a member of the Vice Lords street gang was shot at Windsor and Sheridan.  Two readers saw it happen.
  • "I was walking my bike down the Sheridan when 4-5 shots were fired. I couldn't see the shooter, but one man was injured. Cops were called and the first on the scene initially drove by on Sheridan and stopped at Wilson before turning their lights on and coming back to the scene. The injured person was down in front of Midtown Medical Center. Paramedics arrived within 5 minutes of the shooting."
  • "I was coming home at Sheridan and Leland when I heard 2 gunshots ring out. I was at 900 Leland and it sounded like the shots were behind me, but the sound richochets  between the high-rises and it was actually in front of me and to the south.  Got upstairs on the 12th floor and could see the police at Windsor/Sheridan and an ambulance showed up, put a person on the gurney and left.  5 minutes later, another ambulance showed up and took a second person away while the police were putting out the yellow tape."
Ald. Cappleman tweeted that a Vice Lord was shot in the leg, and a woman was initially thought to also be wounded by gunfire, but was actually hurt while she was running from the scene.  "Heavy police presence for tonight."  He added that police have a good description of the shooter.

Until this particular stupid cycle of retaliation ends, make your own safety your highest priority.  The very few urban terrorists who think Uptown is the Wild West are out in full force, protecting their "turf" and their gang's "honor" -- at the expense of the many law-abiding residents who live here.

Update:  The Tribune reports that the shooting was one of nine tonight across the city:  "On the North Side, in the city's Uptown neighborhood, a 22-year-old man was shot near Windsor Avenue and Sheridan Road 5:16 p.m., said police. That man was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his leg.

Update:  The Sun-Times adds the information that the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.


  1. Unfortunately with the nice weather I expected this.

    It reminds me of a scene in the Steve Martin movie "LA Story".

    It's Spring. It's shooting season.

    I'd really like to round up all the local banger and take them out to a Forest Preserve slough.

    It would be a one way trip for everyone not wearing a patch over one eye.

  2. How much money did 'Cease Fire' get again?

    Damn. I need to quit my job and start a racket like that.

  3. Concealed carry can't come soon enough. Too bad the damn Democrats believe we shouldn't have a right to defend ourselves from these salvages.

  4. @ C.P. well I need to join you. Since I'm a English major, I'll write the proposal.

  5. @Norbert Yeah... because making it EVEN EASIER for gangbangers to carry guns in the street is a really safe idea....

  6. Norb,

    Have you ever felt the need to defend yourself? Has there ever been a situation where you would have pulled out a gun and shot someone? To actually pull the trigger and kill someone?

    Yes, more people walking around with guns. That's a mess. Just what we need, average citizens having shootouts on the streets with thugs. These gangbangers know other gangbangers have guns. That hasn't stopped them from shooting each other. Do you think that you carrying a gun is going to stop/deter them? No way.

  7. It's already as easy as it is going to get for the gangbanging terrorists to get guns. How many of them do you actually thing have FOID cards? None. So please spare me the argument that having concealed carry will somehow make it so gangbangers have life easy. They already do. New restrictive gun laws affect law abiding citizens - that is all.

    "Im going to have to hold off on popping a cap in this mf'r because I don't have my FOID card" said no criminal EVER.

  8. @Radio Cure - The gangbangers already carry, how would a concealed carry law change that? The only difference is people who are being victimized will get a way to defend themselves. The politicians just need to make being caught without a concealed carry license a serious crime.

  9. Until these CHA buildings are cleaned out and shut down…the same sh*t will happen over and over and over …. it's not rocket science people.

    Leadership needs to quit singing the Kumbaya we can all live together bullish*t, cause that's what it is BS….and start with an action plan to get these buildings vacated.

    And don't even start with the "it's not all bad people living in these buildings…" If that's the case, then the RESIDENTS need to start taking some accountability.

  10. The type person who would feels paranoid enough to feel the need to conceal a weapon at all times strikes me as precisely the type of person who shouldn't be concealing a weapon at all times.

  11. The gangbangers do carry concealed weapons, of course. Legalizing conceal and carry deprives CPD of a charge that can help put them behind bars. And, quite frankly, I am not exactly a fan of the idea of otherwise law abiding citizens turning Uptown into the wild, wild west, with vigilantes shooting back at these thugs. Does twice as many bullets flying around sound like a good idea? It'll just turn into an arms war...

  12. Norbert-

    I'm not sure how conceal & carry would even apply to this situation. These bangers are shooting each other from their cars most of the time--are you saying that you will go running after the vehicle in some sort of vigilante frenzy to shoot the suspect? Or worse (please God tell me this is not what you're thinking) just shoot from across the street if you happen to see the "sh*t go down"? That is just as scary & reckless as the initial crime.

    The conceal & carry debate would only be applicable if this were a post about a citizen being robbed or attacked in some way & in need of defending themselves from such a crime. The argument has no business in this thread as any citizen with a concealed weapon reacting to this particular shooting would in fact be a vigilante & subject to being prosecuted for it since, in essence, it would be a case of someone deeming themselves "judge, jury & executioner".

    That being said, I whole-heartedly agree with Radio Cure in that anyone who would even mention conceal & carry after reading this story is probably the person who should NOT be able to carry a firearm.

    It's bad enough I have to fret whenever I take my son out for a walk for fear one of us will catch a stray in the crossfire between rival gang members--I prefer not to add "crazy person who thinks they're going to put an end to it once & for all" to the list of things I need to worry about.

    This ain't the O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp..

  13. Jim is speaking the truth. You can make the area as pretty as you want (new Wilson El stop, etc.), but with all the thugs living in the taxpayer housing and just living in the area, nothing will change. You will only have thugs in front of nice, new areas. You need to remove these undesirables from the area. It's all about who is living in the area and Uptown has a good number of crappy residents who need to get booted to make this area all it can be. That's not happening. Spend all the money you want to upgrade the area, these people will still be living here.

    On another note, no can/has mentioned what guns laws would work to keep guns out of the wrong hands. What type of restrictive laws would work? Lets be honest...guns are meant for one purpose...to kill. How something with that design in mind isn't highly regulated is baffling. The less guns out there, the better.

  14. I heard it as well from Sheridian, Montrose, and Broadway around 5:30 ish. It was so surreal as we had just gotten back from Unique Thrift and were sitting out on a hammock. It was definitely 2 gunshots.

    On another note a few days ago we were walking home from target when and undercover cop car comes out and two cops proceed to arrest a black guy putting something into his wallet. I don't know exactly what happened but it seemed like he ended up victim to a sting.

  15. Frankly, I don't feel a need to carry a weapon. I have relatives who carry in Wisconsin, but I don't have the need. I would like to be able to keep a weapon in my home to protect my family, should something happen.

    As for the "wild wild west" comments, Illinois is the only state that does not have concealed carry. If people were going crazy shooting at all kinds of threats perceived or real, it would be publicized. The nation has shown that for the most part people who carry are not trigger happy freaks.

  16. @ Porch, Interesting- is there any evidence that allowing conceal and carry serves as a deterrent? On a hunch I'd guess "no" but it would be interesting to be wrong. What concerns me is comments by those who are in favor of conceal and carry saying things about "leveling the playing field" and victims being able to defend themselves. Sounds like vigilante talk to me! I honestly don't know how often in the other 49 states concealed weapons held by law abiding citizens deterred or prevent crime. Like I said, it would be interesting for my hunch to be wrong... anyone?

  17. Porch, can you please point me in the direction of data that shows that concealed carry is effectual in deterring or stopping crime?

    Meanwhile, when we continue to culturally accept that any an all weapons, whether for legitimate use or for fetishistic pleasure, should be available to any and all citizens without any regulation, things like this happen. Every. Single. Day.


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  19. I actually never said that concealed carry was a deterrant to crime. The issue is so politicized i dont know if truly independent studies on the matter have been done. Personally, i think many people who want to carry do it as either a security blanket or have delusons of being a hero one day.

    For the record i support full background checks and think everyone should be trained before getting a license to carry.

  20. I used to live in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada for Years on and off. I'm originally from Chicago, South West (Gauge Park Neighborhood)..... Arizona and New Mexico more so than Nevada are STILL and ALWAYS WILL be LOW GANG CRIME states because CITIZENS can LEGALLY PROTECT themselves! I PROMISE you there are Bloods and Crips in AZ... On the FLIP SIDE I PROMISE you that they DON'T CAUSE ANY ANY PROBLEMS because they KNOW BETTER and that almost everybody even OLD PPL are PACKING HEAT. CRIMINALS NEVER want a 50/50 duel!

  21. Yeah right. I've heard so much about those Nevada Vice Lords. They are a tough bunch. What's worse are those Albuquerque Disciples. I was able to get my hands on a travel advisory from the Chicago area gangs....it warned not to visit the southwest states since the average citizen is allow to pack heat down there. That scares them away.

    Let's be honest...the gangs don't really mess with the people living in the neighborhood...they are shooting at each other. Yes, there may be dangerous cross fire situations, but should someone carrying a concealed weapon open fire? Doesn't that make the situation worse? Don't tell me that gangbangers are worried about Joe Blow walking down the street and whether or not he's carrying a gun. Most of these gangs shootings are drive-bys. Are you going to start shooting at a car speeding away from a drive-by? Now I have to start worrying about your missed shots?! No thanks.

  22. How does one know that this gentleman is a Vice Lord? I'm not saying he isn't - just curious how that information is obtained. Like, is there a database or something?

  23. Wow. The thought of a trained law abiding citizens really scares some of you. You people have the right to become victims. Have at it. Maybe it hasn't happened to you before and maybe it never will. Unlike you people, I'd rather have the option to defend myself should the situation ever arise. It's my choice, not yours.

    As far as the wild wild west comments, come on. Do you people ever leave this state? Do you have wild shootouts in these other states you visit? Because all 49 other states in this country have CCW and I'm not hearing about shootouts on the streets.

    The criminals have illegal weapons and don't have permits and never will. Having concealed carry will not change that nor will it change the prosecution for possession of an illegal firearm. Please learn the laws before making such ignorant comments and assumptions.

    And lastly, would I pull the trigger if my life is threatened, damn right. Without hesitation. Would I save one of your candy asses if I had too also....sure. But don't take my damn right away because of your fears and unrealistic ideas of what a CCW will do.

  24. @Scott -- repeating what we heard about the "gentleman" who was shot. There is a Gang Handbook out there, but we don't have access to it.

    @Norbert -- it's generally not a good idea to call people names when you're trying to get them to see things your way.

    @Everyone -- if you want to talk about Uptown-specific issues, cool, but when you start talking about concealed carry laws in other states, it's too far off topic.

  25. @Caring Neighbor....I'm don't care whether or not people see things MY way. That's not my goal. People must walk around with blinders on if they don't see and realize that the crime is getting worse and spreading out past its normal contained area. That triangle of garbage in Uptown is growing. Wrigleyville is being invaded by gangbangers selling drugs because the competition is non-existent and there is a demand. To come on here and state the ridiculous comments that have been stated by many just proves that some of these people think they live in a bubble. I'm just stating the fact that concealed carry will help deter some of these potential crimes since the odds that someone might finally be armed might be a thought in the heads of these animals. But they....walk around and think everything is okay and it's isolated to a certain area. Don't worry, the police will protect you....In the 5-10 minutes that it might take them to get there because they are so thin in help and resources.

    I'll take the responsibility to protect myself on my family and put that on my shoulders. Don't worry...If your phone gets stolen I won't be pulling my gun for your property, because I know the laws and wouldn't risk jail time for your property.

  26. Norb...you miss read the sentence. Sure, who wouldn't pull the trigger if your life is threatened. The question was...have you ever felt the need to pull the trigger? Has your life ever been threatened? No, of course it hasn't.

    Again, how do we keep the guns off the streets? Out of the wrong hands? No one seems to be able to come up with any ideas. Less guns = less shootings. ?

    The concealed weapons issue and these gang shootings are separate problems and are totally unrelated. Having people with concealed weapons isn't going to stop drive-bys.

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  28. Why can't we learn from NYC? The "broken windows" crime reduction worked. I thought CPD was going to start locking up the "quality of life" crime instead of those blue tickets? The vagrancy & litterbugs seem to be out more than ever. Naturally, serious crime has gone up.

  29. @TC....the answer to your question. How about our corrupt officials actually enforce the current gun laws on the books that eliminate the people using these guns. Instead, they get a slap on the wrist or a reduced sentence and are right back on the streets. Chicago ranks dead last in enforcement of current federal guns laws....dead last. So if a criminal uses a gun to commit a crime he knows that he will not have to serve any time for such crime. So instead of attacking the rights of law abiding citizens, our state representatives should be working to fix those issues. The problem is that they won't. It's easier to create another law that won't fix the issue than it is to look in the mirror and say we are screwing up and addressing the wrong thing.

    If you don't believe me. Research it. Better yet, just talk to any police officer and I bet they will tell you the same exact thing. I say this with confidence because I do talk to a lot of police officers almost daily on top of the friends that I have that also serve.

    And the last thing I will say to you is yes...I have been in numerous situations were my life could have been in jeopardy since moving to Chicago. The latest being on the CTA train during the wildings on Michigan Ave about a month ago. But I also have been in two threatening situations right here in wonderful Uptown. Luckily I had other means of protection on me and the assailant wasn't armed with a gun.
    @Joey...do you even have a clue about the ammunition shortage right now? I'm lucky if I can buy one box of ammo when I go to the range let alone load up a whole bag. Your argument about ammo limits is really comical. You probably don't own a gun or have never shot a gun but you have input on how much ammo a person should be able to carry for the protection of themselves and their family? There is no limit on what you need. It all depends on the situation. I'd rather have more than enough then die because my government said I can only have 10 rounds. Better yet...just watch this and let me know how you really feel. http://youtu.be/eeQiVBvy0m0

  30. Norb...so in other words you've never needed a gun. Exactly.

  31. The same scene keeps recurring today for no reason