Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Body Found On Parking Deck At 4550 N Clarendon

Photo courtesy of Batchgeo.com
Many readers are wondering why they are seeing a helicopter hovering over the park at Wilson, and why there are many police cars at 4550 N Clarendon (Lakeview Towers).

Sad news:  the body of an African-American male has been discovered on the building's parking deck, which is situated between the two towers.

We have no further details about the circumstances, but we do know that there is a family that will never be the same after today.  Our condolences to the friends and family of this man.

Update:  The Tribune has a story in its Breaking News section which begins:  "A man jumped to his death after police responded to a complaint of a person smoking marijuana in his 7th floor Uptown apartment, authorities said."  Entire story is here.


  1. Tribune has this: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-man-jumps-to-death-after-cops-respond-to-pot-complaint-20130430,0,1640715.story

  2. Here's a link to a Chicago Tribune story that likely is the same person. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-man-jumps-to-death-after-cops-respond-to-pot-complaint-20130430,0,1640715.story

  3. Why the hell are cops forcing their way into someone's apartment over a pot smoking complaint when possession of up to an ounce isn't even necessarily a ticketable offense, let alone smoking in the privacy of your own home???? Something fishy is going on here...

  4. Me thinks there is more to the story...

  5. I'm surprised that the media is allowing this story to be let out. Then again, the public is so brainwashed that it still isn't enough for them to piece things together. Marijuana probation is the most corrupt law in history. He lost his life because he was going to get in trouble for doing something more safe than alcohol, pills, cigs, sugar, and caffeine. I feel sick to my stomach reading this and knowing that politics are getting away with spreading propaganda over such a miracle plant. I can't stand this anymore. I hope the person who called the police feels horrible but I highly doubt it since he thinks a person deserves to be in legal trouble for trying to relax himself and enhance his senses. I almost feel like tearing up over this. And, yeah - why the HELL were they allowed to enter over pot ESPECIALLY when it was decriminalized.

  6. I won't blame who called because I don't encourage second hand smoking. Caller may also have thought he is saving a life from intoxication or overdose. I get sick with the odor of marijuana so intolerant to it. Smoke all you can but stay away from me while u are at it. May "Peacemaker's " soul rest in peace . That was his nickname. He is gone and can't explain his take of the story. I guess the helicopter didn't supervise the 4walls of the building to prevent his fall out probably they didn't assume he would fly out the Window. How come cannabis? Who put it there? But I hope marijuana is not that ectastic as to make anyone wish he coul fly a jet. If they did him wrong, his soul will hunt them. If he went on an underestimated unexpected suicide, May the good Lord grant him rest. I won't call on the cops but will check with my neighbor if he is ready to invite the cops on some things affecting me directly or indirectly.