Thursday, April 4, 2013

Uptown Musical Comedy Seeks Backers

What does an aspiring Uptown filmmaker do to get funding?  He enters a contest to pitch his idea for his musical comedy, Rose's Colored Glasses, and wins!  But every silver lining has a grey cloud.  As Uptowner Kevin Hanna puts it, "I won prize money to make this movie a year and a half ago, by the wINDIE City Shootout, a new film festival in Pilsen.  The organizer promised over $40,000 in prize money, but no one was ever paid.  The producer of the festival is in prison now on unrelated charges, with a string of aliases following him."

So Kevin's trying a different tactic:  funding via Kickstarter.  If you'd like to help his musical get made -- most of it to be filmed right here in Uptown in late summer -- visit his Kickstarter page, read about his plans, and pledge your support to be part of it.


  1. Thanks! It's been a blast. You can listen to one of the demo recordings of one of the songs by going to the Kickstarter page. If we make our goal this week, we'll release another demo on Saturday!