Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Information On CPS Pre-School

An update from yesterday's post about enrolling your child in pre-school through CPS, from Friends of the 46th Ward Schools:

"I went to McPherson this morning to obtain more information on the new preschool application process, now called "Chicago: Ready to Learn!".  I was hoping to be able to confirm which schools in Uptown have officially gained approval for their preschool programs next year.  Unfortunately I was unable to ascertain the second as the CPS reps at the application sites have not been told which programs have approval for next year.  However, I was able to obtain some useful information.
  1. If your child was already enrolled in a PFA for the current school year, they are guaranteed a spot in the program next year at a welcoming school with a PFA program.  The reps were unable to confirm what school the children will go to since they do not know which programs have funding for next year.  However, it is reason to expect that Stewart students will most likely go to Brennemann, Stockton students will stay at the current building which is being taken over by Courtenay, and that students at Trumbull will split between McCutcheon and McPherson.  This is obviously pending those welcoming schools receiving the green light on their applications to keep their PFA programs.  If you would like to apply to a different school, you may do so without relinquishing your "reserved" spot at the welcoming school.
  2. In order to apply, parents will need to bring one document from each of the following categories or the application will not be accepted.  Examples of acceptable documentation can be found at
    a.  Proof of child's age
    b.  Proof of residency
    c.  Income verification
  3. The tentative school list for programs in the 46th Ward includes Brennemann, Disney, Courtenay, McCutcheon, and Greeley.  Goudy in the 48th Ward is also on the list.
  4. Parents will be allowed to apply to 3 schools.  If you apply for a school that happens to not gain approval for a PFA program next year, CPS will contact you via phone so you can substitute a school that has gained approval for their program.
  5. Chicago: Ready to Learn! Application Representatives will also be available to take application at the following schools on the following dates.  The specific times are not provided so people may want to contact the schools directly to verify the times.
  • Greeley - Thursday afternoon, April 4th
  • Brennemann - Monday morning, April 15th
  • Disney - Monday afternoon, April 15th
  • Courtenay - Tuesday afternoon, April 16th
  • Stockton - Tuesday afternoon, April 16th
  • Goudy - Friday morning, April 19th
  • McCutcheon - Friday afternoon, April 19th
Additionally, CPS is offering FREE developmental screenings for children birth to 5 years of age including hearing and vision screens.  The closest location to Uptown is at the Sulzer Library, 4455 N Lincoln on April 25th and May 30th between the hours of 9am and 3pm.  No appointment is necessary."


  1. Did they happen to say what happens if you don't get into one of the 3 schools you list on the application?

  2. No they did not. But I will say that it was very obvious that they the employees had not been provided even basic information on the program at the time. For example, which schools were approved to have programs next year. The CPS Early Education Learning Hotline is 312-229-1690.