Monday, April 1, 2013

Tik Tok Time

Middle Eastern fare is coming back to Wilson Avenue, as Tik Tok Falafel prepares to open in the former Alma Pita space a few doors west of Starbucks.

It's got new owners and a new menu, which is posted in the window.  Check out what's available by clicking on it for a larger version.

They expect to open this week, possibly as early as Wednesday.  Hours are yet to be determined.

We wish them a long and profitable run in Uptown.


  1. Shut the heck up, this is AWESOME! The only place to eat on Wilson is Baker and Nosh now that Luna stopped selling Paninis. I'm sick of settling for Subway too.

    Can't wait!

  2. My boyfriend and I ate here last night and it is very very very good. They made everything fresh, I ordered a falafil plate and I watched the guy roll the falafils. They have very cheap sandwiches and then entrees for about $10 or $15 and they are well worth the money. The entrees are large enough to feed two people. Even though this place has a take out vibe it is restaurant quality food and the staff is very nice and patient. Everyone in Uptown should check it out and bring your other neighborly friends.

  3. Ordered lunch from here today - so glad they were open for lunch! - and it was delicious!!! Fresh, very flavorful. Not only were the portions huge (the remaining 1/2 of my chicken shawarma sandwich will serve as dinner) but also very affordable at only $6. I got a side order of falafal, not because I thought I'd be hungry but more or less to sample a few different items. 6 were $3.75 and would have been filling as a standalone lunch item. I'm a sucker for sauce so next time I'll ask for a side of tahini or raita (I dip everything) but overall a real winner and a great addition to the neighborhood!! OH, and very quick service too - I ordered take away at the counter and couldn't have waited more than 5 minutes.

  4. Is topped by here last night and it was fantastic! Better than Alma Pita!!!!!

  5. This place is delicious, and the folks there are nice.

  6. Went here yesterday--nice people, good prices, and great food.