Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Midtown Medical Got Raided

Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter has some additional information clarifying the DEA/IRS raid of Midtown Medical Clinic last week:

"Midtown Medical Center Closing.  Several months ago, a building manager came to my office to report suspicious activities coming out of the Midtown Medical Center at 4527 N. Sheridan. This situation was also brought up by neighbors at CAPS Beat 1914 meeting in January. 

I filed a complaint against the physician with the State of Illinois, and followed up with State Sen. Heather Steans and State Rep. Greg Harris, who were able to bring in additional resources to address this. Afterwards, the DEA and IRS executed a search warrant.

Individuals that were using this clinic have other options in the Uptown neighborhood including:
  • Uptown Community Health Center, 4867 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60640, Phone: 773-878-8098; and
  • Uptown Neighborhood Health Center, 845 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL 60640, Phone: 312-744-1938
I want to thank all those who assisted with addressing this issue that helped lead to the involvement of the DEA. Without your assistance, this issue would have continued for a much longer time."


  1. Waiting for the Mark Brown column condemning Cappelman for being anti-medicine...

  2. Wow. An illegal drug market got shut down because of ... the actions of a 46th Ward Alderman? Who thought that would happen in their lifetimes?

  3. I guess Alderman Cappelman is unaware that the City is no longer providing community health services at the Uptown Clinic. On 7/1/12, the City discontinued services, replaced by a Heartland Health clinic on the premises.

  4. @Cori Blum - not sure if your info is accurate/true, but the point is that clinic is still open and providing services...even if the funding is now from Heartland and not the city. So, I'm not sure what your criticism/complaint here is, but how is the alderman involved beyond mentioning the clinic...I'm confused by your statement and it seems, my dear, that you could stand to get a little rest yourself...

  5. Think it was wrong to say -information was gave by a building manager in review.That kind of info should be kept secert.

  6. Thanks Ald. Cappelman for making the quality of life in Uptown better for everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I begged (I really mean begged) Ald. Shiller to do the same in a similar situation about 15 years ago. I told her she didn’t have to do a thing I would do all the work make all the contacts - I just needed her support when the time came. Well guess what - she refused. When asked why she simply said “That’s not my priority”. In the end I was successful, but it took me three years. Yes three years - when instead - with the Shiller’s help it could have taken maybe three months. Again Cappelman you rock!

  7. @uptown lady, well said. I'm glad those days are over.

    et al:

    You can send the alderman an email thanking him here:

    He also has open office hours listed there to thank him and his staff in person.

    He needs our continued support as a leader if we want to clean up the neighborhood from evil doers!

  8. DNA INFO is on the story.

    I've been trying to come up with a suitable bit of sarcasm for a comment here. Perhaps later.

    I can paraphrase sarcastically though. Philip Larkin said: “Sexual intercourse began in 1963 [which was rather late for me]".

    IrishPirate said: Good government began in Uptown in 2011 [which was rather late for me]".

    That will have to do for the moment. In the meantime someone should drop Brown an email and let him now know that Cappleman has moved from targeting innocent avians and homeless folks to attacking modern medicine.

    Hmm, perhaps my well of sarcasm is not quite as dry as I supposed.

  9. @spevman - my points are: 1) I would hope that our Alderman would be aware that his City closed their clinic operations in his ward and be accurate about his statements regarding same, especially because giving out the old and wrong phone number is not a great way to help folks connect with services; and 2) to help the readers of this blog be better informed about City and community health services in our neighborhood. And, you're right, I could use more rest. Parenting a preschooler, being a community primary care physician, and renovating a home in Uptown are exhausting.

  10. Cori, the whole point is that a clinic that was doing some rather illegal activity that contributed to some fairly serious crime all over the city was stopped in its tracks. For doing this, it was shut down.

    This is good news, isn't it?

  11. Loosely Connected said:
    "Waiting for the Mark Brown column condemning Cappelman for being anti-medicine...

    Mark Brown doesn't hate Cappelman for doing good things. Mark Brown is reporting on Cappelman when he does things that are wrong.

    I an mot a Cappalman supporter, and I want him out of office. However, I'm also objective, and can see that this was a VERY good thing that he did. I walk right by that clinic all the time, and often wondered what was going on.

    Kudos to Cappelman here.

    I'm sure Mark Brown feels the same.