Thursday, March 14, 2013

ICA Building Gets Landmark Status

The ICA Building, aka 4750 GreenRise Uptown, aka the big white building at the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan, aka the Building Formerly Known as the Kemper Insurance Building and the Mutual Insurance Building, has become an official City of Chicago landmark as of Wednesday. The City Council approved the designation, originally proposed by Mayor Emanuel.

The City's press release says:
"One of the largest office buildings outside of the Loop when it was completed in the 1920s, the eight-story structure at 4750 N. Broadway [sic] [they mean 4750 N. Sheridan] served as headquarters for James S. Kemper & Co. and several affiliated insurance firms into the 1960s. Its cream-colored Classical Revival-style exterior is characterized by decorative piers, foliated moldings, sculptured heads and animal figures. The building’s first four floors, designed by architects Fugard and Knapp, were constructed in 1921. A four-story addition designed by B. Leo Steif and Co. doubled the height of the building in 1927. The designation protects the building’s exterior elevations and rooflines from significant alteration."


  1. You mean at Lawrence and Sheridan? 4750 N Sheridan.

  2. Yes, it is Lawrence and Sheridan. It is the city's press release that has the wrong info, hence the "SIC."

  3. This is fantastic!