Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jillana Returns To Chase Park

The always-popular yoga instructor, Jillana, is returning to Chase Park for a spring session:

"Resident yogi Jillana is offering yoga classes once again at Chase Park this spring. Yoga will be offered to students 18 and over on Tuesdays from 6:05-7:10PM.
  • Mats and all necessary props included.
  • $55/session.
  • Session runs April 2nd through June 4th
The yoga is vinyasa, so there will be lots of movement. The class is multi-level. No experience is necessary, and more advanced options will be provided for more advanced students. Students can contact Jillana to register at jillana@jillana.net."


  1. $55/per session?? This sounds like a typo.

  2. Is it $55 per session or is it $55 for all the sessions?

    It was $50 for 10 sessions last year.

  3. It's $55 for the entire session--meaning 9 or 10 classes. Best deal in town--I am committed to keeping yoga non-elite and available to all and Chase Park is wonderful by supporting this!

  4. Sounds too good to be true, right? It's $55 for 9-10 classes. The ENTIRE session.

    I am committed to yoga not being an expensive/elite exercise, and Chase Park is incredibly supportive in helping make this happen.

    Email me if you're interested: jillana@jillana.net.