Monday, March 18, 2013

'Influence" Filming This Week

Several readers have written in to say that there are filming notices on their streets in the SoFo area, for Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Movie location signage up on Carmen and Winona between Clark and Ashland as well as Clark between Carmen and Argyle.  Anyone know what movie?"

The city of Chicago's website says that Chicago Fire is the only thing filming these days, but who knows?  Could be a pilot, could be an industrial film, a commercial, anything's possible.

If you have any information, the comments are open.

Update:  A commenter on UU's Facebook page says:  "A TV pilot called Influence. No parking/Tow Zone areas: Tues. March 19 from 6pm-Wed March 20 until 11pm. Both sides of Carmen from Clark to 1426 W. Carmen. Both sides of Winona from Clark to Ashland. Both sides of Clark from Winona to Carmen. & both sides of Carmen from Clark and Ashland."

According to the Internet Movie Database, Influence is a 60 minute drama starring Steve Zahn, Christian Slater, and Megalyn Echikunwoke.  No guarantees, of course, that any of the main cast will be filming in Uptown.


  1. What are the times listed on the sign?

  2. March begins the "pilot" filming season of many shows in Chicago. This looks like one of them. Good gracious I wonder if they have any roles available for slightly over-ripe stars like me!?

  3. I was approached by a location scout to use one of our vacant suites in our building as a dining area for a crew filming another pilot in the Loop. I was also approached by another scout who is still looking to film a scene for Chicago Fire in the same building. I love seeing Chicago in TV shows and movies.

  4. Chicago Fire has been filming in and around my workplace in Greektown. Tonight I came home and there was a notice on the gate about this show. I am surrounded by films.

  5. They were filming on Argyle yesterday.

  6. So irrirated. I ran my skinny flat pale arse all over the place today to comply with the massive parking restrictions here on Arygle near Mangolia and saw nary a truck.