Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Workshops At Uptown Arts Center

Uptown Arts Center has a new artist in residence, Trisha O. Martin, and free workshops to offer:  "We would love it if our neighbors would come out and participate. They can get their creative juices flowing, do some writing, and participate in community building at a time when we need it most."  All workshops are free and open to the public.  Limit per session: 15-20 people.

Here's what's up at the Preston Bradley Center, located at 941 W Lawrence:
  • #1 workshop: Illustrated Poetry   
    Friday evening March 15th, 6-8pm -- 4th floor studios at Uptown Arts Center

    Words have rhythm and movement when read in our daily lives -- but how can they move on their own? The Illustrated Poetry workshop will explore how writing that comes from a community can have its own shape, behavior, and movement. Participants will use techniques in automatic writing to produce material about various communities in their lives -- friends, family, their neighborhood, and Chicago. Through sharing and discussion, they will create visual paper works that pop from the page with their powerful words.
    Contact & questions: trishaomarti@gmail.com
  • Workshops #2-4: 
    Saturday, March 23, 9-12pm; Saturday, April 6, 9-12pm; Saturday, April 13, 9-12pm

    Through this artist residency, artist Trisha Martin will work with community groups in developing artwork that responds to the theme Unity Through Diversity. The residency consists of a series of four workshops at the Uptown Art Center on Lawrence Avenue. During these workshops Trisha Martin will  work with children, elderly, local artists, neighborhood art enthusiasts, etc. from the Uptown neighborhood.
  • Uptown Artist Residency Exhibition
    May 3-5th -- 4th floor gallery, Uptown Arts Center

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  1. Why do we need community building now more than other times?