Friday, March 22, 2013

Flower Shop To Bloom On Wilson

We've been running photos of a lot of storefronts with butcher paper in the windows lately, and in most cases that means something good's going on inside.  It's very encouraging to see so many shop owners take a chance on Uptown.

And, look, here's one now!

Janessa Knodt, an Uptowner who's been running her floral business out of a studio workspace for the past three years, is taking the plunge and opening a retail shop at 1313 West Wilson, just a couple doors down from Baker & Nosh.  She's a third-generation florist, and her business is called "Forget Me Knodt," the same name her grandparents gave to the flower shop they opened in California in 1952.

Janessa has been using the Uptown craftsmen from Square Nail on Clark to personalize the space.  (You can see photos on her blog.)  She says, "I'm aiming for a grand opening open house style party on April 18th (details to come on my Facebook page at and once open, I'll have fresh flowers, plants, and all kinds of other cool gifts made by other rad Chicago artists and artisans. I'll be posting about them all in the upcoming weeks on my blog and website. Excited to be a part of the change!"

So if you're having a corporate event, a wedding, a civil union, or just want something pretty on the table at home, think of Janessa and Forget Me Knodt.  Even though the storefront hasn't opened yet, her business has is already up and running.  We look forward to seeing the brick-and-mortar component open next month.


  1. Hey, thanks for the post! I'm so excited to be a part of Uptown's growing business community!

  2. Love this. You will have a much better product from a local florist who cares about their product and their reputation than a 1800flowers. Speaking from personal experience as usual here.

  3. We should put in something we need... like another nail salon. LOL... j/k This is GREAT!

  4. Best of luck in this new venture. I'm excited to have a florist nearby!

  5. This makes my heart sing!! Good luck, I will definitely stop by to pick up some blooms!