Monday, February 4, 2013

Order dib on the Interwebs

There's no doubt about it - dib is one of our favorite places for dinner or take out in Uptown. If you are willing to brave the elements right now, they are a BYOB restaurant with a great selection of Thai and sushi and a very gracious staff.

However, we were surprised to learn this past weekend that they have recently set up online ordering through their website. Just visit and click the "Order Online" link in the upper righthand corner. You can receive 10% off your first online order OR a free item (egg roll, crab rangoon, california roll, eda mame, avocado maki or fried tofu) if you spend over $20. Their boundaries for delivery are Peterson, Western, Addison and Lake Shore Drive.

If you have not tried dib yet, now is a great time try them out - in person or through online ordering.


  1. I've ordered online from their sister restaurant Fin and been pleased with the result. I always qualify for a free roll plus after a certain # of orders you get a loyalty coupon. Great stuff

  2. Dib for me has always been a reliable place to get average sushi. I feel Agami (Broadway and Wilson) is a much better bang for the buck, and higher quality sushi as well. Maybe I'm missing something on the Dib menu that is a real treat (which would be nice as they are a bit closer to me)? Perhaps the nearby competition is the reason Agami ups their game a bit?

    (Though it should be noted that Agami just did away with their weekly specials a few weeks ago and prices went up maybe that levels the playing field)

  3. I can't even tell you the last time we ate at Agami. Maybe 2009? Their quality was great, at first, but we felt that it went downhill and stopped going. The rolls that we usually ordered we smaller, the service got slower. For what Agami charges, I expect to have more consistency in the freshness and quality of their sushi. We are huge fans of Dib. We actually have found phone-in service to be a lot faster than ordering online.