Monday, February 4, 2013

Aragon, Then And Now

The top picture of the Aragon Ballroom appeared on the Facebook page of northwest side of chicago, and while we've never considered Uptown the Northwest Side, we appreciate them including it.  Judging from the parked cars, we're guessing it was taken not too long after the ballroom opened in 1926.

The second photo was taken yesterday.  We know that there are purists who don't like the makeover of the interior of the present-day Aragon, but we think it's rather remarkable how much of the character of the original building has been retained, 87 years after it opened its doors.

Hard to believe it was once, mercifully briefly, converted into a 1960s disco called The Cheetah Club.  We prefer original recipe Aragon.


  1. Here is a very cool picture of the Aragon as "The Cheetah" in 1967. The current Aragon sign looks similar and perhaps when the old Aragon sign was removed:

  2. The O and the N are burned out on the east side of the Aragon sign.. I guess we need to wait for President Obama to come again before it gets fixed... thats what it took last time...LOL

  3. In about 1967 Chubby Checker was playing there and a friend of mine stole his drum set! My folks also competed there in Ballroom Dancing in the 40's.