Sunday, February 24, 2013

Now & Then: 4500 Block Of Beacon

(CARLI Digital Collections)
Looks like the building that once stood at 4516-18 Beacon had seen better days when this photo was taken back in 1965. Both this building and the building directly to the right would be demolished and later become the Uptown Hull House, which later was shuttered. The lot has been on the market for some time. We have heard that a developer is interested in the site and is in the early planning stages for a 24 unit development (4 6-flat type rental buildings). More to come.


  1. It would be great to design the new building similar to the original.

  2. Excellent news. Hopefully Pegasus is able to find a new space.

  3. Sad that that fine old 6-flat didn't survive long enough to be rehabbed, which these days it surely would be. It's replacement is not exactly an enhancement.

    It makes me wish like anything that the 50s and 60s had never happened. The damage that was done our old cities in that era will take decades to repair.