Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coyote Wild

(photo credit: Anonymous)
A reader sent in a picture of two coyotes around Clarendon and Agatite from yesterday morning. We also heard from another reader that an announcement was made at the Disney magnet school cautioning students regarding the coyotes. Be careful out there folks.


  1. A neighbor in the Graceland Wilson Block Club area shared this with several people on Wednesday morning: "Our two resident coyotes have been on the prowl in the mornings before sunrise. They are large and fast moving. This morning, my dog and I encountered them in the Sunnyside Mall at Magnolia and followed them east on Sunnyside, where they startled some Truman security, south to Racine where they divided trotting down either side of the street for their hunt/patrol. It is best to stay a safe distance behind a coyote and keep them in site when walking with a pet. The coyotes likely live in Graceland Cemetery and were working their way home or looking for food. I have noticed the bunny population is low and fewer raccoons out.

    "According to National Geographic, coyotes can run up to 40 miles per hour, will eat anything, are good swimmers, and form strong family groups with females giving birth to 3-4 pups in Spring (so our population could expand). They adapt well to non-prairie locales, so they could thrive in the city and what is not to love about Chicago?...."

    1. I love coyotes. they keep the rats down...maybe scare away the druggies and gangbangers.

  2. The coyotes were out in full force yipping and howling in Graceland Cemetery Sunday night. I commented to a neighbor in my building how much noise they were making, and she reported having just seen one outside our building at the corner of Buena and Kenmore in the past few days.