Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Children's Pavilion Ribbon-Cutting on Monday

Just a little over a year after the groundbreaking ceremony, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, February 11, 2013. From the press release:

WHAT: Chicago Lakeshore Hospital (CLH) ribbon-cutting ceremony for new $9 million children's pavilion, providing jobs and an economic shot in the arm for the Uptown neighborhood and Chicago. CLH has completely remodeled a previously vacant and unfinished building that will provide expanded inpatient behavioral health care services to children and adolescents ranging in age from three to 17.
WHO: Chicago Lakeshore Hospital CEO Alan Eaks, Dr. Peter Nierman, Medical Director, Illinois Senator Heather Steans and Representative Greg Harris, Alderman James Cappleman (46th Ward), Shannon Sullivan, Executive Director of The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance

WHEN: Monday, February 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

WHERE: 4720 North Clarendon Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60640 (On-site parking available)
Watch a short video from the groundbreaking:
WHY: Demand for professional psychiatric treatment is higher than ever. Not only will CLH help to meet the need of individuals throughout Northeast Illinois, the pavilion is part of a three phase expansion program at CLH that will revitalize several properties within the Uptown neighborhood and create as many as 200 jobs.
We are happy to see this long vacant building being put to good use.


  1. Chicago Lakeshore is a for profit hospital, made up largely of psychiatrists who encourage families to put their children in the hospital for everything from having "too much energy" to an adolescent girls who sleep with their boyfriends.

    I have worked there.

    Today, psychiatric treatment consists essentially as a funnel for the pharmaceutical industy to sell drugs to psychiatrists who resell them to the patients.

    Psychiatric treatment today, is in fact a form of disturbance that certainly needs to be understood and corrected.

    Psychiatric treatment today is not unlike the drug pushing that goes on in the streets of Uptown.

    THere is no longer an interest in understanding pathology, only in the profit arrived at through treatment of pathology.

  2. Stu, with all the hoops I have to jump through to get a simple prescription filled, I have my doubts that an insurance company blindly hands over tons of money to this hospital without having some measures in place to save themselves a buck.

    Does your health insurance company do this? If so, I want your insurance.

  3. ILP, agreement with Stu does nothing to validate his argument. You know that, right?

    When you get the chance, let me know the name of your insurance company. I want them so that I can get any medication I want.