Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Case Of The Disappearing Shooting Victim

Last Thursday, there were a lot of reports of shots fired near Truman College shortly before noon.  Witnesses saw a shot-out car, a crashed van, and a police stop, but no one seemed to know the whole story.  The police blotter in Lake View Patch sheds a little more light on what happened:

"Shot Gang Member Goes Missing. Police responded around noon Thursday to a call about a man being shot in the 1200 block of West Sunnyside Avenue near Harry S. Truman College, but when they arrived the man wasn’t there. Officers soon pulled over a white car with five bullet holes in the back and a shattered window, they said. Driving it was the victim’s 46-year-old mother.

While police couldn’t find the man, they know who he is — a 27-year-old member of the gang Black P Stones, according to the report. The car was towed for investigation and there were no reports as of Monday regarding a man with a gunshot wound being admitted to an area hospital."


  1. Maybe that is good thing. Let's hope he doesn't come back to Uptown!

  2. Did anyone spot a pickup truck with Indiana plates near the shooting?

    Perhaps the alderman has a banger "transfer of population" going on.

    Think of it as a "rectification of frontiers".

  3. Perhaps, he went in to his noon Truman college class after?

  4. Perhaps his carcass is laid out in some freezer in a Truman anatomy lab.

    We can only hope!

  5. Maybe he'll run for Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s vacated congressional seat..

  6. banger - pigeon exchange program