Sunday, December 9, 2012

That Was Quick

The saga of the lots at 4415-4421 N Clark continues.  Last year at this time they were declared "off limits" by the city, and later demolished, then turned into a parking lot.  In October, a zoning sign went up saying the developer wanted to put in an 18-unit building with ground floor retail.*  And now there's construction equipment and workers on site.  We'll keep an eye out for progress.  In any case, they will be a huge improvement on the burned-out and dilapidated buildings that stood in this spot a year ago.

* We have absolutely no inside information on this, but our hunch is that the 18 units will be rentals, since that's what banks are willing to make loans for these days.  We also suspect they will be built to be condo-conversions, for some future time when condos become moneymakers again.  Just our suspicions, and we could be way off-base.


  1. In regards to your headline:

    "That's what she said".

  2. I live in the building next door and have been watching the construction take place. So far all that equipment you see in the photograph is related to the alley work/ sewer replacement they are currently working on behind my building. The actual site of the old buildings they tore down has nothing going on as of yet. The sewer work in the alley may be related to it, but I'm not 100% sure.