Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Person Shot In Ankle At Sheridan & Lawrence

This stupid, stupid gang war that apparently encompasses the entire north lakefront, from Lakeview to Rogers Park, played out another chapter in Uptown late last night.

Judging from posts to UU's Facebook page, there was a person shot in the ankle around 1am at 4759 N Sheridan, at Lawrence.  This is the corner where U-T Pantry is located.

U-T Pantry was closed at the time, so demands to "shut them down" aren't really applicable.

Bring in more cops?  There's already an increased police presence in the area (see Ald. Osterman's note to the community).

Hard to stop a bunch of people who are hell-bent on shooting and killing each other for the sake of "gang honor" and "turf" that other people own.  At least this time they chose to do it when fewer innocent bystanders are out and about.

Update:  The Tribune reports that "Also early Wednesday morning, a 19-year-old man was shot in the Uptown neighborhood. He was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said. He was shot in the 4700 block of North Sheridan Road, she said."


  1. What most of us justifiably view as stupid probably makes perfect sense to the participants. I know ... obvious.

    We should stop and thank Helen et al. for creatively sprinkling (Memphis-style [1]) the miscreants throughout our neighborhoods to make life interesting and diverse.

    [1] I've beaten this horse before, but it still has relevance:

    tl;dr version: You can *really* ruin one neighborhood or partly ruin several. In the case of Edgewater (5200 block of Winthrop and its infamous building) they seem -- for now -- to have chosen partial ruin. :)

  2. Using The Patriot Act, maybe they could get a better grasp on this activity if they classified gangs as terrorist organizations.

  3. Gangs are businesses. They only fight over territory that is financially valuable. people either come to our neighborhood to buy or live here and buy. clean out the consumers that the gangs want and we would have a problem. tighten restrictions on the various "homes" and this stops.

  4. Not sure we want more cops out there - doesn't seem to impact the gang violence much, but I'm not sure the dog population of Uptwon could withstand more cops on the street.