Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rogers Park Man Charged With Friday Morning DUI

It's kind of weird how many recent notable Uptown incidents are associated with Rogers Park residents.  Both the victim and accused murderer in the shooting at Laurie's Pizza; the kid who shot at the cops last month; and now the hit-and-run involving an elderly man yesterday.  According to the Tribune:
A West Rogers Park man has been charged with felony drunken-driving after severely injuring an 87-year-old man in Uptown on Friday, police said this afternoon.  Michael Izeta, 26, was charged today with felony DUI resulting in serious injury, and cited with striking a pedestrian, running a red light, and driving without insurance or a driver’s license.
Sadly, the article goes on to say that the 87-year-old victim, who was known to many in the community, remains in critical condition.  We continue to hope for his recovery.


  1. An estimated 70% of people with suspended licenses continue to drive. Most are suspended/revoked for drunk driving.

  2. I dont like when Rogers Park is used inappropriately. Its easy to do that when you say West Rogers Park, then you just drop the West and its Rogers Park. We dont claim this man as ours, West Ridge can have him.

    Please refer to my blog and you can see the real meaning on the map there. East/West Rogers Park originally referred to East and West parts of ROGERS PARK, with Clark being the dividing line.

    I know I am picky, but hey thats what happens when you are as old as I am. Being Village Founder isnt what its cracked up to be.

    I owned property that became more than one neighborhood. Thanks UU.

  3. Omg I went to grade school with this guy

  4. He is not from Rogers Park he is from West Ridge. West Ridge runs all the way west to Kedzie. If you include Rogers Park as the same as West Ridge, that would be one huge neighborhood.

  5. Rogers Park...West Ridge...Rogers Ridge...South Evanston...North Acapulco...doesn't matter in this particular blog, since it's a matter of semantics to Uptown. What matters to us is what other contributors to UU have already pointed out: yet another criminal from outside of Uptown who came into Uptown and committed a criminal act in OUR neighborhood. Please don't trivialize the fact that an elderly former Marine was critically injured by a drunk driver--and he still is far from being out of the woods. You also don't need to disrespect our neighborhood concerns about people coming into our neighborhood and impacting our lives--we have enough problem people of our own that we don't need to have imports from Rogers Park or West Ridge or anywhere else. Just try to be a little more sensitive about the context if you need to correct neighborhood geography, and make sure that you don't mix up Lakeview and Uptown criminals when they run over or shoot someone in Rogers Park, OK?

  6. @bear60640
    I think uptown update is very aware of Uptown's borders. Lets not trivialize the other neighborhoods and be overly vague. Rogers Park gets enough of a bad rap without trying to pin EVERYTHING that happens on RP. Every neighborhood is important not just Uptown. Though it is one my favorite areas.

    @jcrw lucky you.

  7. A man is nearly killed and is holding on for dear life and some are quibbling about geographic boundaries!!!! What a sad world we live in.

  8. @ Richard Murphy
    Bloggers and journalists need to get the facts straight in their stories.I personally dont like to report on crime, I leave that to the Broken Heart of Rogers Park. We can clearly see on Uptown Update what the borders of Uptown are. Lets not be too myopic here.

    Needless to say we have had problems like this in Rogers Park, we now have a new stop sign at Lakewood and Morse because of an incident where a ninety year old man was killed by an idiot driver.