Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lock Those Doors & Windows

Uptown Update gets a lot of emails from readers who've experienced a burglary or robbery.  Some interesting information from an article in Lake View Patch on how to make yourself less of a potential victim:
Chicago Police in the 19th District are handing out flyers letting residents know of a common theme found among area burglaries in Lake View.

While it may seem simple, police report that more than one-third of Lake View burglaries are currently due to open doors or open windows. They say to always lock doors, windows and garage doors, even if you plan to only be gone for a second. [...]

“As much as we’re trying, our burglaries are steady,” [District Commander Elias] Voulgaris said. “I’d say as high as 95 percent of burglaries can be prevented if we just shut our windows, shut our doors and shut our garage doors.”
The whole article is here. Don't let the mild weather this weekend turn you into a victim.

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  1. Residents that live on a easy excess floor should consider get a security system as ADT to wire up the window and doors. It surely give you peace of mind for unwanted burglary and robbery. Having ownership of a shot gun surely not hurt either.