Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Wi-Fi At Luna Cafe

Want a place to drink coffee and study or surf the web?

If Starbuck's is too crowded, or if you want to try something new, try the Luna Cafe at 1217 West Wilson (at Magnolia).

Take advantage of the student discount and the free wi-fi while you're there.


  1. We need more free wifi. This is good.

  2. Nice guys at this cafe, but I feel that they need something to help draw people from Starbucks and Baker & Nosh. 3 coffee shops in a block area can work if each one offers something different. Right now, Luna seems to not offer very much.

  3. The Starbucks crowd is strange, they all sit in the window hoping you'll notice them, so lonely but don't you dare talk to them. Very pathologically unsound.

  4. A few exotic coffee servers do the trick for me to go out of my way to hang out there.