Friday, October 26, 2012

Sundown For The Hotel Chateau?

Lakeview Patch has a breaking news story today about the Hotel Chateau:
Hotel Chateau in Lake View is headed to court next month after a recent building inspection revealed a countless number of violations, and officials are saying there’s a possibility it might close its doors for good.
The single room occupancy hotel at 3838 North Broadway has long been a home to social service providers’ most difficult clients, from prisoners to mental health patients, and causes problems residents, business owners and government officials.

While business owner Jack Gore could not be reached for comment, Special Projects Manager Abby Sullivan with Ald. James Cappleman’s (46th) office said it’s up to Gore whether to close Chateau’s doors.

“There was a big inspection this week, and they were written dozens of building violation tickets,” Sullivan said. “There were fire hazards, electrical issues, rodents, bugs and tons more… I think (closing) is a strong possibility. They’re either going to end up cleaning the place up and running it right, or just shutting it down. We’ll see. It depends on how seriously the owner takes this.”

[...] And according to Sullivan, many business owners and residents near Hotel Chateau may be hoping for a closure. While maintaining affordable housing on the North Side is important to the Ald. Cappleman, Sullivan says there are SRO’s that are run very well, and Hotel Chateau is not one of them.

“Some of the business owners in that area have some real concerns about keeping their businesses open and the clientele at Hotel Chateau because people are worried about visiting that area,” Sullivan said. “It’s a real problem, and we’ve tried to work with the owner and the manager. It got a little bit better, and then it got worse. We don’t see them really changing.”
To read the entire story, including information about the court date and what concerned residents can do, go to Lakeview Patch.

Now, we've been here before. In 2008, UU ran a story where the Chateau was in Housing Court and was threatened with closure. The owner may do the amount the court requires for the Chateau to stay open, once again. But if you can come to court as a concerned citizen, your presence will be much appreciated.


  1. Many of the residents need to be moved from the Chateau affortable housing to affortable jail that live in this dump Hotel Chateau. It will be a great service to have it closed down once and for all. As long as there buildings like Hotel Chateau our neighborhood suffers from the unhealth and unsafe conditions it creats to surrounding businesses and residents in Uptown.

  2. What about Uptowns Wilson's Mens Club hotel? It has a number of "issues".

  3. NICKEY,

    you actually made a "funny". "Affortable jail". Damn, I'll even overlook the spelin mistake and admit that was amusing.


    Yes the Wilson Mens Club has issues. It will be interesting to see what happens with it in the future. The Capplemaniac has taken a number of donations from the owner of said fine establishment on numerous occasions.

    Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the California house, in a Sixty Minutes profile partly defined political leadership as the ability to take donations from people and then screw them.

    Let the screwing commence.