Friday, October 5, 2012

"Krispy Krunchy Chicken" Opening At Broadway & Clifton

We had heard rumblings of a chicken restaurant opening next to Spoil Me Salon/Spa at 4660 N. Broadway. There has been paper blocking out the windows for some time and today we noticed that an alteration permit has been issued to build out the space for a "Krispy Krunchy" restaurant. Interesting to note that now both ends of the 4600 block of Clifton will be framed by chicken...Harold's Chicken at one end and Krispy Krunchy at the other.


  1. I hope Krispy Krunchy will be just as good as Harold's , but with better, more competent service.

    Last time I was at Harold's I called in advance, was told 20 minutes. I arrived 25 minutes later just to give them time, and they hadn't even started my order! They weren't busy, with only 2 tickets other than mine and 2 staff on duty. After waiting an additional 20 minutes I finally was able to eat my delicious chicken.

  2. Eric, I fully agree. Last time I went in, there was a guy at the fryer who saw me come up to the counter and just ignored me. 10 minutes later, no exaggeration, a woman came out form behind the wall and was all surprised to see me. She yelled at the guy that he needs to tell her when a customer comes in, but he didn't seem to really care.

    It then took another 30-40 minutes easy to get my food. I understand that they make everything fresh, but it always seems to take way too long to get food at Harold's. I would be a customer so much more often if it didn't take almost an hour to get my order.


    Ah, Clucky.....We knew ye well.

  4. I love Harold`s chicken with the hot sauce. It can`t be beat. I can`t wait to try Krunchy and see what they have to offer. I probably be doubling up on my Lipitor from all this great fried food too.