Wednesday, October 3, 2012

46th Ward Dems Holding Debate Watch Party Tonight


  1. It was great and no doubt about it, go Romney......

    1. Its one debate outta three nickey.calm down.I think obama is gonna go for it all the nxt two

  2. Hey Nickey,

    Or Barry,

    Or Wiseguy,

    Or whatever your screen name is next week wanna make a wee bet?

    I bet that on election night I'm going to be dancing naked on a roof off the Red Line celebrating President Obama's victory and you're gonna be sad and talking about the good old days in Bridgeport. Any condo owners with roof access wanna host the soiree? The catering is on me.

    You'll have the TV remote in your hand and I'll have a strategically placed party fez hiding my happiness.

    Now I'll wager a $100 gift card to Olive Garden or the restaurant of your choice to some of the organized crime memorabilia you likely own that Obama is gonna kick some hairgel butt.

    If you don't want to part with the memorabilia how bout' one of your favorite leisure suits from the 70's? Those are hard to find these days. Do you have anything in a 48 long......."that's what she said".

    Romney attacked Big Bird, man. BIG BIRD. That's not gonna hurt him as much as his 47 percent comment, but once Oscar gets done with him he's gonna turn him over to Bert and Ernie.

    Bert and Ernie. Those two are gonna teach Romney just how tough a pair of closeted gay muppets can be.

    It's gonna be biblical, man. I'm not talking this love thy neighbor New Testament stuff. I'm talking a real Old Testament fire from the sky asswhooping.

    Stay tuned on the first Tuesday in November.

  3. I was going Obama,,, Not now, I think we need a leader. Not someone who falters under pressure. Romney changed my mind last night.

  4. I hope you don't change your mind as often as Romney does. I am still pretty convinced that he will say anything to be the next president...And, he dissed Big Bird.

  5. Reedy,

    You were about as likely to vote for Obama as I am to appear in an advertisement for speedos. In one simple and declarative word:


    Here's a link to your earlier comments on UU.

    You are unworthy of a hyperlink.

    You took off after Chicago teachers, Chicago cops at the Democratic convention in North Carolina, (which cost the city nothing), and spoke about property rights for the Goldblatts building owner. Add in a "disappeared" comment and your talking liquor license issues and you are clearly not predisposed to vote for the first White Sox fan in the White House.

    Take your reindeer games somewhere else. By the way I'm not calling you a liar. To paraphrase Jake Blues from "The Blues Brothers" what you said is more bullshit than a lie.