Friday, October 5, 2012

Barricade Situation On Wilson; 900 Block Closed

Update:  A commenter on the UU Facebook page says it is over as of 6:50 and police are starting to clear out.  It looks like no one was hurt, including police and the man making threats.  Thank goodness for a good resolution.

Thank you to our reader who submitted these photos.

The 900 block of Wilson is blocked off, with a SWAT team, many police cars, and a helicopter.

The reason is a barricade situation involving a man in the Wilson Windsor Apartments (915 W Wilson).  According to the Tribune, it's possible he has a machete:

Police were called to the scene of a disturbance involving a man holed up inside a North Side apartment building, possibly armed with a machete in Uptown this evening.  The incident is at the Wilson Windsor apartments in the 900 block of West Wilson Avenue.

We'll keep you informed if we find out anything, but feel free to leave comments.

Update:  Sheridan is closed between Clarendon and Broadway, and buses are being rerouted.

Update:  According to a commenter on UU's Facebook page, "It's actually a veteran that has not been taking his medication. When police tried to enter his apartment he threw a machete @ them. He was burning wood in his apartment & refused to stop. He also threatened to blow the building up."

Update:  According to the latest Tribune update, there has been no one injured and the situation is ongoing.

Update:  Ald. Cappleman tweeted his congratulations to the police on a job well done in a stressful situation, and said he would be meeting with building management. 


  1. It made this evening interesting for us at 920 W. Wilson... we all had to enter and exit through the Friendly Towers' back doors. Hoping everyone is safe when this is over. Here is a short post I did on our JPUSA blog (with photos) of ongoing events.

    Wilson Station

  2. 20+ police cars, 2 Mobile command units, 2 fire trucks, an armed vehicle, countless SWAT teams. All that for a guy with a machete? Really?

  3. Yes, I agre with daniel. To add on this is how the GOVERMENT takes care of our vets. It's obvious they don't have much support. Sad.

  4. thats the reaction I also had when I seen all of the officers on the street. and for what the guy to be charged with nothing. to back on the streets a free man really he should have been sent to the va mental ward or something. a guy with a machete is dangerous a veteran with a problem mentally with a machete is enough for swawt but no charges be filed. how crazy is that.