Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Argyle Crossing Update

Things are still a little treacherous on Argyle, both for commuters and drivers, and we have an update from a reader:

"As you may or may not have known, swiftly after "concluding" construction on the Argyle station, the CTA began repair work on the viaduct there, and ended up blocking off entirely the north side of Argyle Street near the entrance. To enter/exit the station, riders have to jaywalk from/to the south side of Argyle (being mindful of traffic coming through the viaduct - which can be tricky at night).

I had a conversation with two really nice construction workers by the CTA Argyle station who took the time Friday night to answer a couple questions. They indicated that the north side of Argyle should reopen (and the south side of Argyle will most likely close) in about two weeks, and that they should be done with Argyle by around mid-December.

Just thought I'd pass this along for all your readers who, like me, use the CTA Argyle station."

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