Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Tree Falls In Uptown

A reader writes:  "It's a windy day and the branches are coming down all over!  I tried to go west on Winona from Broadway around noon and the street is closed halfway down the block because of workers removing fallen tree limbs from the middle of the street.  Then I was driving on the 4900 block of Kenmore, and I heard a loud crack!  Then a tree branch came down about ten feet in front of my car.  It was long enough to go curb-to-curb.  It blocked the whole street.  I am so lucky I wasn't right below it!  I called 911 to report it, and then some nice young men from the block came running over and dragged it to one side so that I and other cars could get by.  I know there's nothing we can do to prevent branches from falling, but please tell your readers if they hear loud cracking noises, beware!"


  1. We have a tree at 4731 Winthrop that dropped about a hundred pounds of limbs on the sidewalk. Instant death if your walking under it. There are more dead branches waiting to fall. I've called 311 3x...nothing has happened and then refused to tell me if they were making a record of the request.

  2. And yet, my old, rust-bucket car lives on..

  3. I keep trying to get the city to come at look at our huge, old tree in front of our house. I've called 311, spoke to the forestry department, emailed the alderman. And still nothing. I know it's not my fault when the dead branch finally falls, I just hope that no one gets hurt.