Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Is What's Left After The Cops And Ambulances Leave

It's not a pretty sight.  In fact, it's kind of sickening.  This is the aftermath of the shooting last night at Sheridan just south of Argyle.  It's not polished for TV, or neatly contained.  You can connect the dots to see what happened, and imagine the suffering and confusion of the victims.

This is what happens when people are shot on our streets.  We don't have any more details than what were in the comments of our previous post, but we've asked for more information as it becomes available.  This has to stop.

Update:  This information was sent to several block clubs in the 20th Police District by a private citizen.  It's not from the police department directly:

"Victim 1 was driving and was making multiple loops around the block (Argyle-Winthrop-Ainslie-Sheridan) according to witnesses. 

The Shooter was on the east side of Sheridan shooting West. He shot the car several times, hitting Victim 1 in the leg. He is in good condition without serious damage from the wound. He has no known gang affiliation, but he does have a serious criminal record involving drug possession and distribution. 

Victim 2 was a bystander who had a slight wound from a bullet graze from a ricocheting bullet. She has no serious injury. 

Shooter was a unknown black male, at this time. The Police believe this was a gang-related shooting."


  1. Is that blood? If so, I'm REALLY shocked. About a year ago, there were some blood drops on the sidewalk outside my work, and in a short time, the fire departments was there with soap and their hose to decontaminate the sidewalk. When they were done, there was no trace of the blood. I'm really surprised to see so much blood on the sidewalk that was just left there. Can someone confirm that it's still there right now?

  2. Its been cleaned up. Someone came by just before the storm last night to wash it away.

  3. No surprise. The blood trail on Windsor, stretching from Sheridan all the way to Hazel, was never cleaned up. (Remember the teen who was shot and ran about a block or two before collapsing?)