Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rubble, Rubble, Toil And Trouble

Here's the latest on the work going on inside the long-empty Somerset Place at Argyle and Sheridan, sent to us by a reader who's been in touch with Ald. Osterman about the demolition:

Just got a call from the Alderman's office. They spoke with the developer and crews are doing "exploratory work" to see what's behind the walls, which is allowed by building code without a permit.

They have agreed to stop work until the alderman's office can meet them for a walk through to confirm. Department of Buildings will not be involved at this point unless the alderman's office thinks the work is more extensive than is allowed by code.

I also noted they have removed the black plastic sheeting around the former rec yard on the north side and have installed new additions to the fence to raise it higher at some point.

In other news, according to the alderman's office, the developer almost has their financing in place and once they do, they will begin the process of meetings to seek re-zoning for the building and for work to proceed.


  1. Do we know who the developer is and what their plans are for the building?

  2. Do we know who the developer is and what their plans are for the building?

    This will be their first urban building...All there other properties are sprawling suburban complexes...I think they might be in a little over their heads.

    Either way, from their website

    "ZMG is primarily focused on B class properties in the Midwest market—properties which need improvement in management and condition. These properties offer the opportunity for significant increases in revenue and value in a short period of time."