Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Concert Season!

The Riv's marquee says it all: five concerts between tonight and the end of the month.


  1. Yay! More congestion at Broadway and lack of parking! Okay, sorry, sorry, I'm all for Uptown = Rahm's music tourist mecca.

  2. I went to the concert last night. The Riviera was HORRIBLE!!! Staff was so rude, we waited for one hour in line (after the show time), metal detectors AND pat downs. I will never look to go to shows at this venue. The owners need to consider a big make over not only from the falling apart building but from who is being hired. I am so disappointed to have this in my neighborhood.

  3. Janny- being a Riv employee I feel compelled to tell you that the reason there was so much security and metal detectors was because there was a very real security threat last night. They decided to bring in the metal detectors and extra security including undercover police the day of the show.

    It defineitly made for ridiculous lines to get in but the security threat was averted.

    Typically security and lines are much easier to deal with. Now as for the conditions of the building well....