Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Shooting (Sigh)

Around 12:30 a.m., there was another drive-by shooting, this time on the 800 block of Sunnyside.  The victim was taken to Illinois Masonic with a leg injury.

According to Ald. Cappleman's email blast yesterday, the woman who was shot on Wilson was gang-involved, and gang activity has increased.  There is currently a police saturation mission in Uptown, so if you see more patrols, don't think anything has happened:  They're here trying to prevent anything more from happening.

More injuries, more fear, more idiotic "revenge" shootings, all over turf that gangs claim ownership of, but on which their names never appear.  Senseless. 


  1. There will always be shootings in Chicago as it is just part of todays life in the big city. I feel a hell safer in the streets of Uptown then most other neighborhoods in Chicago. For those who don`t believe me, I dare you to take a walk on the West side along Cicero and Madison or some streets in Englewood where shootings can be seen and heard all times of the day and night. Uptown is one of the better neighborhoods in the entire city for sure when it comes to gangs and crime. Look at the police records and see for yourself.

  2. Just a thought....we have troops that go overseas to fight wars...why can't we use them to fight gangs in our own country?

  3. It was nice that the police came to the park so fast yesterday. Lots of grape flavored wraps stuffed with marijuana being enjoyed in plain sight - lots of kids, and 3-4 grown adult females sitting on the park benches like nothing was going on. Police showed up very fast, but not soon enough to catch the bad guys ruining the park for everyone. Saturation in the neighborhood helped a great deal, as they usually just don't show up. The park was beautiful and populated with little kids enjoying the park the rest of the day, so it's hard to complain about the end result.

  4. I've written this before -- where do these people live? What apartment building do they live in? Are they section 8 (betcha) and in subsidized housing? If yes, shut the housing down.

  5. NICKY, certain neighborhoods on the West side & Englewood residents usually know when a shooting will occur & stay indoors. The gangbangers know & spread the word ahead of time. Uptown is a free for all & just as bad, if not, worse than anywhere in the city right now.

  6. I hate to agree with "Nicky", who changes his profile name more than Romney changes his positions, but he's right.

    As for AmericanLT I'm convinced you're involved in either some long term online performance art which brings you great pleasure or are in fact the stupidest person on this board. Those aren't necessarily mutually exclusive conclusions.

    As for the bangers informing people about shootings ahead of time in other neighborhoods that's just not true. Most gang shootings occur after rival bangers randomly run into each other or drive around hunting for each other. Insane Gangster Aardvarks drive around Englewood searching for Room Temperature IQ Idiots and bullets start to fly.

    Many folks in some neighborhoods on the west and south sides just stay indoors generally as they never know when relatively random acts of violence will occur.

    I don't know who died and made you Dick Tracy, but just because you say something or perhaps even believe it doesn't make it true.

    In Uptown our violence is generally confined to some predictable locations.

    Take notes Americanlt so you and Mr Poochy are less likely to get caught in a drive by.

    1. Wilson from Broadway to Sheridan.

    2. Lawrence from Broadway to Sheridan.

    3. Sheridan from Montrose to Wilson and one block east.

    4. Montrose to Wilson from the EL tracks to Malden.

  7. The map that IP describes is a bizarre looking Hexagon of Doom.

    Malden to the east is up and down
    then Montrose to Sheridan, then Sheridan up to Lawrence then Lawrence to Broadway, Broadway to Wilson then Wilson to back to Malden.

    This could conceivably become a 5K or 10K run to END Gang Violence. :) Instead of Positive Loitering, you would have Positive Running.

  8. pirate, Uptown has a mix of many different gangs making up a small area. Thank you for the tip though. My poodle doesn't like the sounds of gunshots & neither do I.

  9. @Unknown, because fighting crime here at home and protecting citizens has no financial interest for the ruling class, so they have no interest in it. War is big business, and we keep fighting them for these jokers who make money off it.