Friday, August 17, 2012

New Police Commander In 19th District

Early this morning, Ald. Cappleman tweeted:  "Welcome Eli Voulgaris as the new Commander of the 19th District. I look forward to working with you in making our neighborhood safer."

We are sorry to lose Cmdr. John Kenny, but are looking forward to making the acquaintance of Cmdr. Voulgaris.  He's been with the CPD since 1985 and spent some time early in his career at the 23rd District (now 19).  He has an extensive background with the Tactical Team, and in Narcotic and Gang Investigations.  He was the Commander of the Targeted Response Unit, which has since been disbanded -- they were the "special forces" who went into troubled areas during troubled times.

We anticipate seeing what he can accomplish in Uptown.


  1. Use your control+f feature to find out what the cops in the comments think of Voulgaris as a cop/boss. Overall the reviews from the beat cops seem to be very positive:

  2. Also, community involvement seems to be a big part of his policing strategy, nice to see:

  3. Classy move by Supt. McNewCrimeStrategy... Wait until Commander Kenny is on vacation to dump him.

    The public only sees and hears what Emanuel wants them to see and hear. The CPD is so shorthanded that they have been forced to pay officers to work their days off to keep the beat cars manned (another genius strategy - burn out the guys on their days off).

    From January 1, 2012 through May 31st, 227 police officers have retired. Totals have not been published yet for June and July and, of course, there will be more officers retiring between July and the end of the year. There are supposedly 76 new hires so far this year (though some have reportedly quit already and many have found other jobs and declined to report to the Academy).

    While Emanuel has said he plans to hire 500 NEW officers (unlike the first 1000 he claimed to put on the beat that were ALREADY THERE), it doesn't appear that 500 is a reasonable, or even possible goal. The existing eligibility list for hiring officers is nearly depleted and no NEW police exams are currently in the works. Additionally, as any NEW officers get off of their probationary periods, you can expect almost ALL of them to be assigned to the high murder/ghetto districts, while police manpower dwindles here in Uptown.

    I have been accused, more than once of being the bearer of bad news, but facts are facts, and SOMEONE should keep the public informed instead of drinking the Rahm Kool-Aid and burying our head in the sand.