Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another "Neighborhood Night" At Gooseberry Park

Gooseberry Park photo courtesy of Google Streetview
Last week was a success, so let's do it again tonight.  Ald. Cappleman and his staff will be hosting his late office hours in Gooseberry Playlot Park, 4648 North Malden, on Wednesday, August 8th, between 5pm and 7pm. Come by, mingle with your neighbors, and say hello to the Alderman and his staff.

The ward office (4544 N Broadway) will remain open during regular business hours (9AM-7PM) on Wednesday as well.


  1. Success? Weren't there shots fired a couple hours afterwards? Same scene if you ask me when I walked by yesterday.

  2. Several neighbors of mine on Beacon now say that it was fireworks.

  3. So if something bad happens hours after an event where people get out to meet their neighbors, where problems are solved, where the alderman is able to learn about a neighborhood's challenges -- that makes the event a failure? By that definition, there are no successes, ever. OMG, there were garage arsons in Andersonville! EdgeFest must be called a failure! OMG, there was a stabbing in Boytown ... call off the parade next year, the whole event was a failure! [/sarcasm]

    It's the community's playlot. If the community wants to use it for good, that's cool. If the community avoids it, then of course the bad guys are going to take it over. They like abandoned places.

    Moral of the story: Use what you've got, or be prepared to lose it. I commend the alderman and anyone who makes good use of places like Gooseberry or the Sunnyside Mall or any other place that been iffy in the recent past. Of course, with this rain, I doubt anyone is making much use of any of them at the moment.

  4. Tonight was great, it was more laid back just a bunch of neighbors and the Alderman conversating and socializing in the park. One of the things a park is for.

    The residents in the adjoining housing were the shootings occurred recently even seemed more comfortable and joined in. Of course the weather was perfect too.The rain gg mentioned cleared up on cue.

    We are going to keep this neighborhood Night ball rolling. Heads-up it is going to be at Bronco Billy next week.

    Its going to make a difference if we stick with it in good times and bad. Nothing is going to make our Uptown a blissful Shangra-La overnight, but a positive is a positive ya know.

    @ UU

    We were talking about you today.

    Why don't post up something about the big ass mural I painted here in Uptown. We don't have a lot of public art going up everyday, if you can post about Cornerstone and dumpster bushes then the mural is at least that significant.

    If your still mad at me that is cool but the mural was/is for the kids in the Aster Playlot and the property owner who not only covered the graffiti on that wall for 20 years, and self-funded it.

    It is a positive thing for your neighborhood too, you can acknowledge it even though a smart-ass low-income resident you personally do not like was the artist.

    Just kindly consider it.

  5. Littleton, did you paint it to help the kids and community out of the goodness of your heart or get recognition and accolades?... one questions the motive.

  6. That's not fair, can't it be both? We need to show people that make efforts to improve our area that they are appreciated.

    Littleton did you send a pic to UU? Maybe that would expedite the process...

  7. @ Uptown Superhero...I did it to piss you off.

    @ Uptown Turboman.... Good question...yes I did.

    Public art needs to be promoted, and sometimes that means the artist too. Its like trying to promote music and ignoring musicians...I dunno figure it out.

  8. C'mon, guys, if you want an off-topic private dialogue, take it to email. I'm sick of deleting comments that basically hurl insults or cheer for one or the other.