Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where Dreams Come True

We'd heard a rumor that Bedding Experts in Andersonville (on Clark, just a couple yards north of The Bongo Room) needed more floor space and were contemplating a move to Wilson Yard.  But then they closed down the Clark store and a sign in the window referred customers to their store on Lincoln Avenue.  We chalked the Wilson Yard move up to a baseless rumor.

Well, turns out they are moving to Wilson Yard.  The signage is up at 4422 North Broadway, and it's been confirmed by Uptown United's website.  We are happy to have another tenant in the hard-to-fill storefronts, and are particularly happy to see that it's one that will bring much-needed sales taxes to the 46th Ward.  Don't know if you've noticed, but -- aside from Target and Subway -- most of the Wilson Yard retail tenants sell primarily services, which bring no sales tax into the ward (nail spa, bank, Holsten's real estate management office, phone service, yoga, haircuts, and weight management).

We wish Bedding Experts much success and many hefty sales.


  1. Very cool... yet another step forward. Take that, Uptown pessimists! :))

  2. Makes Sense to move it to a more utilitarian building because this is a basic Need. That spot in Andersonville would make more sense as a restaurant or boutique shop.

    NOT a bedding expert.....
    Its stuff we all need but not on a night out on the town.....

    Unless they let you sleep IN the store.

  3. That's some great news. I bought my bed at the Andersonville location a few years back and they were very helpful/I am very happy with my purchase. That store was a bit cramped so I think this will be a win win for the owner and neighborhood

  4. Not matter how good the news is, someone always manages to get a "but" in there.

  5. Why would they bother? Given the number who sleep on the sidewalks and bus stop benches at all hours of the day and night at this location it seems odd to charge people for beds.

  6. Where is the "but"?

    So is this amazing news?
    Its okay news, I think its a fine business but its not very exciting. Some businesses fulfill a basic need but arent exciting and thats OKAY. :)

    I think its good news for andersonville AND uptown. Uptown is getting a good positive business and Andersonville will have a spot open for a new bar/restaurant or boutique. Its a win/win.