Thursday, July 19, 2012

And Speaking of Exploring Uptown...

... here's a really fun project specifically made for those who like to walk, and stop, and smell the roses, and hey, check out the footprints left in concrete.  It's called Uptown Walks, and this is what its two creators have to say about it:
Uptown Walks is an web map that highlights neighborhood sights and sounds.  The map icons indicate local treasures and oddities throughout Uptown.   We created it because we were surprised and amazed at the amount of incredible architectural character and natural beauty in the area.  We hope it inspires others to appreciate the neighborhood as we do.

The map is a continuing work in progress.   If you know of a mural, mosaic, or a nifty architectural feature, send it to (we'd be especially fond of finding more ghost signs or urban fossils!).  Visit the map, you'll get the idea of what it's all about. You can visit the site through the 46th ward website ( or go directly to  Click on the logo in the upper left corner to get more information about the project.

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