Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trib: Two Bystanders Hit In Gang Shooting Tuesday

According to this article in last evening's Tribune:
The two women were taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in serious-to-critical condition, while the man was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital in fair-to-serious condition, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

The two women were with the male victim when the gunman opened fire, authorities said. Police said the male victim appeared to be the intended target, but wouldn't say whether the shooting was gang-related.

Police didn't immediately have a description of the shooter, as detectives canvassed the area, going door-to-door to various apartment complexes, searching for witnesses.
Read the entire article here, which has a lot more detail.

While the police aren't saying whether or not it was a gang-related shooting, it seems pretty obvious that it was. Ald. Cappleman tweeted shortly after it happened last night:
"More shootings tonight. Woman critically injured at Racine/ Sunnyside. 2 others shot in legs. Gang related. Updates to follow tomorrow."


  1. Who's going to pay for their rehab and hospital care? We are the taxpayers. This must stop!

  2. Really tired of the whole "we are the taxpayers" whining. Aren't you more concerned with the safety of the Chicago citizens?

  3. Hey Sam, if this moronic violence were to end, then your question becomes moot - does it not?

    Besides, if the city loses tax payers (ie - property owners), this city goes further into the tank.

    That whining you're complaining about is really the voice of people looking to stay in a city who that said city cannot afford to lose.

    I'd listen to them, if I were you.

    They are, after all, the folks paying a big chunk of the city's bills.

  4. Who's to say they don't have insurance? A little stereotypical, don't you think?? On the other hand its not like tax payers money actually goes towards anything of use anyways!!!