Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alderman's Update On Tuesday Evening Shootings

It's a thankless job to have to recap gang violence (we know), but it's refreshing to have the alderman take the lead on this instead of pretending it's not happening.  From an email blast Ald. Cappleman sent out today:
Last night at 7:30pm, three people were shot in a drive-by shooting in the Racine/ Sunnyside area of Sheridan Park. One woman was critically injured after getting shot in the chest. No reports about her health status are available at this time. A woman and a man who were with her at the scene were also shot in their legs.

Commander John Kenny confirmed that an ongoing investigation is in process, but it appears to be gang-related. The shooter has not yet been identified. The police are using footage from area surveillance cameras to help identify the shooter's vehicle and license plate number.

The Commander has asked me to encourage everyone to call 911 when they hear gunfire and to provide a clear description as possible to help the police with leads

What All of Us Can Do Now

The Public Safety portion of the 46th Ward Master Plan lays out specific steps all of us can do to make our community safer. The plan involves the Police and the 46th Ward Office, but it also involves the local chambers of commerce, local businesses, social services, building managers, schools, places of worship, neighborhood organizations, and most importantly, you. It's our work together that will enable us to do great things for the 46th Ward.

For details of the public safety portion of the 46th Ward Master Plan and to learn how you can help with public safety initiatives, please click here.


  1. People don't just show up in your neighborhood all of a sudden. They live in a house or an apartment around that area....or they know someone in a house/apartment. The LL needs to be contacted to find out who these people are and evict them. The housing crisis seems to have moved up north, as condo owners rent their apartments out to "anyone"...condo associations must be diligent.

  2. I'm pretty skeptical that there is an epidemic of condo owners renting out their apartments to gangbangers. I think the far more likely culprits here are certain mismanaged public housing projects/section 8 buildings. Condo owners who take the trouble to rent out their unit (as opposed to just walking away from their mortgage) generally do a much better job because they have a vested interest in ensuring their apartment retains its value for future resale.

    Note the stretch of Racine this shooting took place at. You've got a section 8 building that's a known problem building, terribly managed by Voice of the People, on the east side of the street and a similarly sketchy public housing building on the west side. I've seen a number of familiar faces hanging in front of both buildings on police blotters posted here on Uptown Update.

  3. Is Lianana for real? The trolls working to maintain the status quo are pretty creative...I'll give them that.

  4. Uptown didn't need a "housing crisis" to be full of lowlifes. There are at least 50 really bad apartment buildings and reeking SROs within a mile radius of Broadway and Montrose.

    Cappelman is being very proactive but it will take years with the most aggressive efforts to clean up badly run buildings. Until there is substantial improvement in the area's rental stock, the area bounded by Montrose, Sheridan, Lawrence, and Malden will be a war zone.

  5. WTF call 911 - no sh*t Sherlock. Tear These buildings down if that's what it takes.