Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Drought About It

Reader Mark Vanderah posted this photo on UU's Facebook page of Clarendon Park after what he believes was a grass fire.  We're also hearing about grass fires burning under the el tracks in Sheridan Park.  Drought conditions aren't just a concern for farmers; half the city lawns are straw right now, and that makes them fire hazards.  Be careful, and of course call 911 if you see anything on fire.

Update:  A reader sent in another photo of the another part of the park burning, at Carmen and Marine last night at 6:30pm.  You can see the fire department putting it out.  Drought conditions + fireworks = bad combination.


  1. If you look closely in that area, you'll find a collection of spent firework' wrappers. Specifically, firecrackers ... on the grass.


  2. Its a controlled burn.............;)

    Firecrackers on a patch of dry grass may be less then a thrill but the Saddle n Cycle gave us a good show last night.

    One of Uptowns best kept secrets, don't tell nobody.

  3. The burned grass pictured in the second photo, at Marine & Carmen, is in Margate Park (not Clarendon Park).

    The Saddle & Cycle fireworks were super! Sure would be nice to see immediate garbage collection at the north end of Clarendon Park after the Fourth, since the fireworks attract so many. It looks awful yet today, July 6, with garbage everywhere.

    On a daily basis, we really need city or park district garbage cans along Foster from Sheridan to the lakefront & at key places on Marine. The heaps of trash along Marine don't do justice to the beautiful Indian Lands mural at the Foster underpass!

  4. I saw the grass fire at Montrose and Marine on Wednesday afternoon while driving down LSD. There were several people standing around and the firetruck was on it's way.