Thursday, July 5, 2012

Falcon Pair Remain At Uptown Theater

copyright: Jerry Goldner

copyright: Jerry Goldner
We heard from wildlife photographer Jerry Goldner recently, with news about the mating pair of peregrine falcons that have maintained their nest at the Uptown Theater for many years.  The parents are still there, and helping to hold down Uptown's pigeon population, as seen in the photos above.  If you click on the photos to see larger versions, you'll notice the banding bracelet that researchers use to identify and track the falcons.

Some bad news about the fledglings who were born this year:  they did not thrive.  The male fledgling is currently undergoing rehabilitation to get healthy, and the fates of the two female fledglings are unknown.

If you'd like to see some of the stunning images that Mr. Goldner has shared with Uptown Update's readers in the past, click here.  You can see more of his work at his website, Profiles of Nature.

We are so privileged to have these rare and beautiful creatures right here in our back yard, and equally privileged to be able to see them up close and personal, thanks to Mr. Goldner's talent and generosity.


  1. In this hot weather, don't forget to water the birds!

    If you don't have a proper bird bath, use any shallow dish you have. Empty and refill daily so you don't get mosquitoes breading. The birds take the water from the bird bath by soaking their wings in the water sprinkling it on the babies in the nest.

    I use terra cotta saucers from under my planters.

  2. One of them died in Edgewater, unfortunately. An Edgeville Buzz reader sent us this:

    My son just called to report an injured Peregrine Falcon in the alley a block from his apartment in the Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago, near Hollywood and Lake Shore Drive (go figure). It's banded and is a juvenile (he sent me a cellphone photo).

  3. Did the Edgeville Buzz reader say whether they contacted police for rescue? Do you know what happened to it?